Saturday, September 22, 2007


Sometimes we men can be fooled soooooooooo easily & it just happened to me!! When I put the guestbook on this site a week ago I was encouraged to see that someone by the name of Cheyene Tulula had promptly responded & signed it. A favorable comment about the site & a nice compliment to my wife Kelly. That was a week ago. At supper to-night I expressed my doubts as to whether the guestbook was actually working or not because no one else had signed it besides this Cheyene Tulula person. I had already changed the design of it & was trying to figure out if it just wasn't working. Then came....... the confession!! It was Kelly herself (aka Cheyene Tulula) who had actually signed it last week in hopes of encouraging me not to get discouraged with the website, & that yes, it really was working. Now, about that stunning wife part............................ Cheyene Tulula indeed!!!!


  1. Al she got me also...I know how you feel... fc

  2. Hahahaaaa....oh, this was good...
    I know I'm posting my comment way back here in 2007 but I wanted to "start at the beginning" with your blog. My Hubby and I are business owners and retirement is still about 5yrs away. We have a 5th wheel but are going to up the anty to a motorhome some day.
    Have a great weekend!
    Donna in