Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Picture is of Kelly trying to program the satellite stuff.....No luck!! We'll try again when we get to Utah.

Beautiful morning & we were out the door walking the dogs before the sun even got over the horizon. Nice well kept & groomed trails through the forests & adjoining fields. No people visible anywhere but did see a fox & could hear deer close by. A very peaceful start to what soon would turn out to be a very frustrating day for us. Because we liked it here & the weather was going to be sunny & warm we decided to stay here in Pawnee State Park for another day. Around 9 a.m. we decided to set up our satellite/TV internet system & get caught up on our internet correspondence. It was not to be:(( No problem setting up the tri-pod & dish or finding the satellite but when it came to getting a connection from Hughes Net we ran into all kinds of problems. For 4 hours we tried this & we tried that, talked to Hughes Net support system, (cell phone) re-located the dish, ran modem checks, etc. etc. but no luck. Finally by 1 o'clock we gave up & sat dejectedly in our chairs. Our nice day was ruined. To add insult to injury, unbeknownst to us, the parks people decided to turn the water off to-day for the season, so that was the end of our planned hot showers at the end of the day. We can have hot showers in the motorhome but we hadn't bothered to re-plenish our water tank because we were going to do that later to-day. Too late, water off!!
We will leave here early in the morning & head west on I-80 once more but have decided to head south down highway 81 into Kansas & pick up I-70 west from there. Figured we might have a better chance of finding State Parks that will still have water on because of warmer weather to the south. In hindsight we probably should have taken the St. Louis route which would have taken us further south before heading west. Oh well, wouldn't be normal if we did everything right, that's for sure.
Nice sunset over the lake to-night & still on the mild side at 65F. Maybe to-morrow will be a better day for the Bayfield Bunch:)) Dya think huh!!

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