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Monday Nov. 12/87
Cold & cloudy morning as we rolled out of Richfield about 8 a.m. Clouds soon gave away to sunshine & we had a totally beautiful drive south on I-70 with hardly any traffic. Lingering clouds hung around the mountain tops & drifted down into some of the canyons. The rising sun played on the mountain slopes turning the clouds into hues of pink & yellow. Turned off I-70 & took highway # 89 towards Panguitch. The first 25 miles twisted & turned through the canyons following a quick flowing river. The early morning sun turned the canyon into a paradise of colors. The land soon flattened out as the canyon walls moved back on either side & formed mountain tops. Went through 2 small towns (Piute & Circleville) all decked out in American flags for Veteran's Day. By the time we reached Panguitch it had clouded over again. Picked up a few groceries & headed for Bryce Canyon via the beautiful Red Canyon. Gained altitude climbing up to Bryce & the temperatures dropped noticeably. Our destination for the morning was Ruby's Inn & a big hardy breakfast. Ruby's Inn is a well known spot about a mile north of the gates to Bryce Canyon. I had been there once before back in 1992. Bus tours stop here. This place is BIG!! Love the big lodge & huge fireplace. Services have grown up around Ruby's & it's almost developing into a little community all by itself. Ruby's RV park was closed for the season but we found another park about 5 miles to the west on highway 12 called Bryce Canyon Pines & wouldn't you it, we were the only one's there again. How lucky can a person be. Found a nice spot in the pines & the doggy guys had lots of room to tear around.

Tried setting up our satellite internet system again but no luck. We were soooooooooooooooo frustrated that it just ruined the rest of the day. No point in me commenting anymore about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Took a drive over to Bryce Canyon ($25 to get in) & walked to Sunset Point & along the Rim trail. Bryce Canyon has to be seen to be believed. Words cannot describe the beauty. Sun was going down casting long hoodoo shadows into it's depths. Temperatures dropped so we didn't stay long because we planned to be back in the morning.

A motel just down the road had an internet connection in their lobby so I drove down after supper with the intentions of updating the blog & adding pictures, etc. Managed to tap into some emails, check the weather site & just as I was about to do the blog I lost the connection. Frustrated, I packed up the laptop & headed back to our campsite for the night. Enough was enough, the day was done!!
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