Saturday, November 17, 2007



We have a resident rooster in the neighborhood & it's been nice hearing him on our morning dog walks. Kind of takes me back to my childhood when a neighbor had a large pen of chickens. Always liked the sounds of the rooster & the chickens but the smell wasn't so swell!!

The KOA lady here recommended a nice hike through some slot canyons near Cannonville so we loaded up the furry guys this morning & headed out of town. The 6 mile drive on Skutumpah road turned out to be a an exciting drive all by itself even before getting to our destination at Willis Creek. We sure don't have roads like that in southwestern Ontario that's for sure. Darn!!

The hike along Willis creek is mainly done right in Willis Creek itself. Luckily the water never got any deeper than a couple of inches. But, did we get wet feet anyway.....yes we did!! Hadn't gone far before we realized this was going to be another great scenic adventure. These slot canyons are totally beautiful & we went through about 5 of them on our 2 hour & 2 mile walk. Had we gone another hour or so we could have seen Petroglyphs on the canyon walls but we find a 2 hour hike with the dogs is a comfortable distance for us so turned around after 1 hour. We don't rush, take lots of photos, & generally try to absorb the meaning of where we are. These slot canyons are narrow passageways cut through solid rock by millions of years of water grinding the rock down under extreme pressure. The canyons are breathtakingly beautiful but deadly if your ever caught in one of them after a heavy rainstorm. No thunderstorms in the area so we were able to just lose ourselves in the splendor of the canyons & enjoy our time there. Once again I took many photos & we came home with many new memories. Thanks again Utah:)))))))

We plan to leave this area to-morrow & head over to Zion Canyon. Cold Alaska air moving in here Tuesday so we want to be further south at a lower altitude before that happens. Don't know where we're staying yet so may be off line for a few days.
However, we'll be back:))))) Photos >>>

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