Tuesday, November 20, 2007


While hiking in Zion Canyon yesterday I became aware of some pain in my right knee towards the end of the hike & it only got worse as the day wore on. We had intended to go back to Zion this morning & do some more trails but when I woke up it was obvious from the soreness in my knee that I wouldn't be hiking anywhere to-day. That, coupled with the approaching cold front made us decide to pull up stakes in Mount Carmel & move 40 miles south to the town of Kanab which is a bit closer to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Our fellow snowbirds, M & M also made the move to Kanab as well because they are hoping to do the Grand Canyon's north rim too. We are all in the Crazy Horse RV park for the next couple days. We have internet here so that's a plus.

Sounds like the our perfect weather is going to end with a temperatures plummeting into the 20's overnight. We plan to dress warm & drive the 72 miles to the Grand Canyon's north rim in the morning & see what we can without having to walk too far. Right now I have a heating pad on the knee & am hoping for wondrous results by morning. Ya right!!

No pictures for the web album to-day because I didn't take any except for a few this afternoon while doing some maintenance on the motorhome. Checked oil, transmission fluid, tires, etc. Wired up a broken muffler clamp & resolved a problem with the black water tank. Kelly browsed around Kanab a bit & picked up some groceries. We will probably stay here to-morrow night as well & then roll out Thursday morning heading for the south rim of the Grand Canyon. From there to the Sedona area I think................ In the photo below, that's us on the right & our Canadian snowbird friends from London, Ontario on the left. Crazy Horse RV Park.......... Kanab, Utah.


  1. you both have seen some amazing sights and hiked some beautiful trails. You must be chomping at the bit, make sure that leg heals!!!

    The hermit

  2. People should read this.