Wednesday, November 14, 2007


UPDATE FROM RUBY'S INN, BRYCE CANYON WED. NOV. 14 10:30 a.m. U.T. (Picture is at the Bryce Canyon Pines Restaurant just down the road from our campsite...breakfast:))
This is coming to you from the parking lot of Ruby's Inn just a mile north of Bryce Canyon. They have a good WiFi signal here so we're going to get our internet stuff caught up. We are moving about 30 miles east to-day to Kodachrome State Park. Will stay in that area for a couple of days while we have us a look around Escalante & Capital Reef. From there we will move back this way & continue on down towards the town of Kanab near the Arizona border. From there we will do Zion Canyon & the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

Everything is well except we haven't been able to get our satellite internet/TV system up & running. Will try again at Kodachrome.

I'm currently uploading ALL 155 pictures from yesterday's hike in Bryce Canyon. I haven't had a chance to edit them so I'm uploading all of them right now & will edit them down later. I haven't put any captions on them yet either. Will do that later.

Thanks to everyone for comments on the blog & pictures. Sorry if it gets boring at times but my camera & typing fingers sometimes run away with me. Motorhome is running fine & towing the car has been no problem at all. Sooooooo glad we're not doing this in our 5th wheel we had last year or our travel trailer we had a few years ago. No more trailers for us!!!!
Hope all is well with everyone & keep the emails coming folks because we always look forward to reading them whenever we have an internet connection. Got your email this morning Randy & thanks for checking on the house. Keep those daily reports coming Ingrid:))
OK, toodles from The Bayfield Bunch:))


  1. DESCENT INTO THE CANYON that picture is just awesome Al good one... Fc

  2. Never ever apologize for such beautiful shots Al . There are some realy great ones in your collection and I'm certain even those dont match the memories your both going to have together!

    The hermit

  3. Byrce is a beautiful,we were there last May,2007 and spent several days there and it still wasn't enought time. Just a note about running your furance all night on battery power only shouldn't be a problem,us TCers do it all the time. Enjoy your trip and kept posting.