Friday, December 28, 2007


The sun had no sooner slipped behind the Coyote mountains when the big wind monster came barreling out of the west, down the canyon & out onto the desert floor where it beat us up again for the next 15 hours straight. Wind gust & after wind gust hammered us over & over. We were both convinced that this time we were going to lose our solar panels for sure. The motorhome shook with each gust & we could hear zillions of horrible wind noises ripping at the coach. It kept us awake most of the night.
In the morning I braced myself for what kind of coach damage I was going to find outside. The bicycles were blown over, chairs were in a pile, table blown across the lot & then, the strangest thing. Our Canadian flag was still on the pole atop the rig. How could that be because I didn't expect we would ever see that flag again. Looked up at the solar panels & they were fine. Internet dish was fine. How could all that stuff be fine after all those terrific wind gusts. Well, here's how I figure it............. Being inside an aluminum structured motorhome is akin to being inside a drummer's bass drum. Sounds are amplified. With each beat of a drumstick or each gust of wind, the sound is transmitted & resonated inside the vehicle. There are a lot of corners on the motorhome which pick up & reflect sounds inwards. The air conditioners have plastic grills which add an eerie howl to the wind. The small awnings over the two slides set up a vibration, vent covers on the roof shake, & the new solar panels shred the wind gusts into screeching demons. I think all these sounds combined with the shaking of the coach combine to scare the holy be-jeebers out of the occupants inside making things a lot worse than they in fact, actually are. But, only just a little!! We're gonna have to get used to the desert winds.

Rest of the day was spent relaxing & doing basically nothing but resting. We did pick Butch up about 12 & drove into the Borrego Seniors Center where Kelly had signed us up for a Yankee pot roast dinner. We were the only one's there. The lady said because of Christmas, attendance is down but next week the place will be full again for lunch. The pot roast, potatoes, & carrots were sooooo great.
Back out to the desert, dropped Butch off at his unit & came home for more snoozes.

And, that was about it for to-day....NO PHOTOS UPLOADED TO THE ALBUM

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