Saturday, December 08, 2007


I had no sooner re-set up the satellite dish last night figuring the big winds had died down, when they returned. And they brought reinforcements this time...rain!! I agonized whether to go out & take the dish down again but finally trusted to the way I had it anchored down. Try as they may for a couple more hours, the winds finally gave up trying to knock down our satellite dish & packed up it's rain & went home. When we fired up the computer this morning everything was still hooked up & working fine. Chalk one up for AL for a change:))

According to the weatherman we were anticipating a cloudy day so were happy when the heavy cloud cover broke early. The air temperature had dropped after the wind & rain storm so it was nice to feel the warm sun breaking through & taking a bite out of the cooler air. Took a drive up the road & browsed a few garage sales & a flea market in Why.
The American Air Force must have the week-end off because there hasn't been any jets overhead to-day. Just the border patrol Blackhawk helicopter buzzing around.

Back from Why for a short siesta & then we headed off for, Organ Pipe National Monument. This is a very large biosphere stretching for many miles right down to the Mexican border. There are 2 scenic drives here & to-day we decided to take the shorter Ajo Mountain Range one. Took us nearly 3 hours to complete the 25 mile loop because I was stopping & taking so many pictures. This is an absolutely beautiful drive that I would recommend to anyone. Roads are mainly gravel with a few rough spots here & there plus some nicely paved stretches. It's a one way road so you don't have to worry about meeting oncoming traffic & there are signs at the beginning saying not to take vehicles over 25 feet in length. If it was all paved it would be a totally beautiful motorcycle run. Took about a hundred & twenty pictures but managed to edit that down to somewhere under a hundred.......

We couldn't help but remark again to-day how truly fortunate we are to be seeing & experiencing all these beautiful things. This truly is a beautiful planet.............

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  1. Al, have you tried a polorizing filter to cut some of the haze in the distant veiws of the wide open spaces?

    The hermit