Monday, December 03, 2007



<<< A flock of early morning geese winging their way over the town of Cottonwood.

We had made a decision over the week-end to resume our trek southward Tuesday morning so to-day, being our last day at Dead Horse, was spent relaxing, soaking up some warm sun, re-organizing bins, attaching the bicycles on the motorhome & just a general overall clean up.

Just a few words about Dead Horse Ranch State Park & the Verde Valley. This area will always remain one of our favorite places. Dead Horse S.P. is a really nice place with lots of RV volunteer people here keeping the place in tip top shape. It's scenic with lots of hiking, walking, & bicycling trails. The Verde River runs through the park adding a tropical riverbank flavor to an overall desert environment. There are several sizeable lagoons that must be stocked with fish because we see fisherman on the banks casting into the water. The towns of Cottonwood & Clarkdale are minutes away with all the amenities, but not the big city madness. The quaint little mountain town of Jerome is visible on the far mountainside & twinkles like a jewel in the night. Jerome is about a 20 minute drive & a "must see!!" Sedona is less than half an hour in the other direction & one of the prettiest towns I've ever seen. Lots to so & see here. Dead Horse Ranch S.P. is higher than the town of Cottonwood so the view at night overlooks Cottonwood as it stretches down the Verde Valley. Bottom line.............this is a great place & The Bayfield Bunch recommends this State Park & Verde Valley area 100% :)))))

Not exactly sure where we are headed to-morrow but we'll slip down highway 260, climb aboard I-17 & head south to-wards Phoenix. North of Phoenix we'll pick up highway 101 west & south to I-10 & then boogey west to the town of Buckeye. We may stay in this area for the night or we may head south on 85 to Gila Bend. Gila Bend is the decision point as to where we will go next. East to Casa Grande, south to Why, or west to Yuma & knowing us we probably won't be able to make that decision until we are coming into Gila Bend & are several hundred yards from the interstate ramps. Straight through to Why, right hand ramp to Yuma, or under the overpass & make a left hand turn onto the I-8 ramp heading east to Casa Grande. Decisions, decisions, don't ya just love em:)))))


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  1. Decisions, decisions, should I go out and shovel the snow now or wait till later??????

    The hermit

    P.S. that pretty country!!!