Sunday, January 27, 2008


As nice & neat as the Buena Tierra RV campground is, there is one annoying problem. Noise!! The campground is located in the V of Interstates 8 & 10. But that's not what kept waking me up about every 40 minutes these past few nights. It was the trains!! There is a main line railroad running about a quarter mile north of the campground & there seems to be a never ending stream of thundering freight trains stampeding through there 24 hours a day & they have to blow their whistles everytime when approaching the road leading into the campground. This is definitely not conducive to a good night's sleep!!

Turned out to be a busy morning. Regardless of whether our Ikea mattress was going to arrive at the Tempe/Phoenix store or not we had decided not to spend another night in the campground so I began packing things up. At 10 Kelly phoned the Ikea store & they said yes, the shipment had come in this morning, so that meant Kelly had to head north to Phoenix with the car while I continued packing up the motorhome for a noon departure out of the campground. Somewhere in the mix I found time to actually put a first coat of paint on a small wall in the motorhome too. (it's supposed to look like adobe) Because Kelly needed room in the car for the mattress we had to take a bunch of stuff out & I had to find room in the motorhome to put everything. Satellite dish equipment, lawn chairs, tables, etc. By the time I had everything loaded in there was standing room only. Even the doggy guys had trouble finding enough room to lie down. I headed out about 12:20, dumped the tanks & headed the short distance to a retail mall where we had agreed to meet if Kelly wasn't back from Phoenix by the time I had to leave the campground. Luckily there was a Wendy's in the parking lot so I was able to slip in & Wendyize myself with a burg & fries.

Kelly rolled in about an hour later so we didn't bother hooking on the car & just headed off in a southwest direction looking for Why, Arizona. Wasn't exactly sure of the right road but I had a reasonably good idea of which way to go. Hey, I've got 3 compasses don't you know. Nice paved road, no traffic, beautiful cloud patterns, majestic mountains, thousands of stately Saguaro cactus & a greening desert floor. No wonder this is one of our all time favorite southwest areas. It's about a hundred miles from Casa Grande to Why, Arizona & we made it to the Hickiwan Trails campground around 4 in the afternoon. Coming to Hickiwan is like coming to our second home & I always feel good to see the familiar Ajo mountain tops rising slowly out of the distant desert floor.

We know the fellow who looks after the RV park & it was good to see Ray again. We're going to help him get a computer set up & running & maybe try to put to-gether some kind of website for him. I'll take some nice photos around the park to put on the site too. We've got a nice quiet site so will stay here for a few days until we get Ray up & running & then we'll head back out to the desert & boondock about 2 short miles from here.

Looking pretty cloudy out at the moment & we may be in for some rain to-morrow but that's ok because it would be a good day to spend inside doing computer stuff. We've also got a lot of re-organizing to do in the coach too, plus some more painting. It sure will be nice once we get over this big upside down renovation process & I think it will be the doggy guys who will be the happiest of all:))))) They sure have been brave little soldiers with all the confusion going on.

Note to our neighbors at Buena Tierra........ Nice to have met you folks & sorry we didn't have more time to socialize a bit. We didn't even get your name:(( Safe trip back to Michigan regarding the house deal:)) Take care.


  1. Realy nice to see you both finaly putting your personal touches on your home away from home. It looks good!

    the hermit

  2. Al all that painting and such your going to make the rest of us look real bad.... Looks good guys....