Saturday, January 19, 2008


We knew there was going to be a crush of people & a lot of traffic for opening day of the Quartzsite RV show under the big top, so we went early & stood in line waiting for the gates to open at 9. Didn't matter much because within minutes of filing through the gates we were basically shoulder to shoulder with thousands of other early birds under the big top. Only took me about 3.6 minutes to wish I wasn't there. Toughed it out for the next couple of hours shuffling & jostling along with the throngs trying desperately to avoid eye contact with the vendors. Once eye contact is made, your probably gonna pulled in for a big sales pitch!! Kelly does marvelously well at these kinds of things, stopping and looking at this & that, chatting with vendors, asking questions, scanning for free stuff, looking for deals, etc. But, even Kelly began to tire after a couple hours. We did however manage to find a couple of things we had been looking for & as soon as we had them I made a bee line for the car.........and stayed there!! Took Kelly another half hour to reach the parking lot.
No doubt about it, this is one very large RV show & is definitely the Mecca for buying anything from high end Class A motorhomes right down to washers for your garden hose. If it isn't here at probably isn't anywhere!!

As we left the grounds for the short drive back to our campsite the traffic was bumper to bumper coming the other way heading for the show. It was a good feeling to be leaving & not just getting there. The show continues for the next 9 days but we plan to leave here maybe around the middle of next week but I'm sure that won't discourage Kelly from making a couple more trips back there before we depart. As for me, I'm staying put right here in the desert where the only eye contact I have to avoid, is Kelly's when she says to me, " well, lets go back to the big tent, I want to show you something!!!!


  1. Never, EVER, go to the Quartzsite RV show the first weekend!

  2. Well, you been there for the first rush, anything now should be less crowded.Knowing Kelly she will find some bargoons!

    the hermit