Tuesday, February 19, 2008



Max's leg is coming along better & he's able to go in & out of the motorhome now with no problems. He still has a limp but it's not nearly as bad as a few days ago. He really wanted to go for a walk this morning so we took him for a short spin on the dirt path. He wanted to get into some serious hill climbing but we had to convince him that a few more days on the couch resting that ankle was in order. Little motormouse picked up a nasty pricker in her paw so we had to cut the walk short anyway & carry her home. She later pulled that pricker out all by herself.

While I was working on yesterday's blog this morning, Kelly went for a hike by herself up & over a few nearby hills. She stopped to put up a little Inukshuk & when she picked up a rock.........there was a snake underneath it!! She said the snake was sleeping, (hibernating) was small, & had a patterned greenish color to it. She carefully replaced the rock back over it & continued on. I would have liked a picture of that. We've noticed tiny lizards skittering about so it probably won't be long & the underground creatures will be awakening from their long winter naps & coming up out of the ground. We normally hike early in the morning & it's not until around noon when the temps are up around 80 that the critters may be stirring. Nevertheless, we will have to be careful. We don't want little Motormouse scaring the bee-jeebers out of the rattlesnakes with her little pug nose bat face......................

Our day was basically spent relaxing, listening to soft ambient music, (Sirius Satellite Radio Ch. 073) & reading. Never thought I would be able to do so much of nothing & enjoy it so much. The beauty & serenity of our surroundings just makes it all sooooooooo enjoyable. We are so fortunate:))
NOTE: Hello to Casey & Karen in Windsor, Ontaro. Thanks for the note & hold on to those dreams. We did:))

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  1. I'm happy to hear Max's leg is improving.Hopefully soon the whole bunch can go for one of your nice long hikes together.With the day time temps rising do watch out for the snakes.

    the hermit