Friday, February 22, 2008



The clouds slunk in during the night making our last day at Darby Wells a rather gloomy affair. High winds rocked the motorhome as temperatures dropped throughout the day keeping us mainly indoors. We did retaliate with a campfire but even that had to be abandoned in the face of ash driven winds.
Cleaned some windows & straightened up the cab area of the rig in preparation for the mornings departure. Too windy to put the solar panels down so hopefully it will quiet down overnight.

Kelly had picked up a second book in Borrego Springs called, "Desert Solitaire, A Season in the Wilderness" by Edward Abbey. To-day I started reading that book & within the first 8 pages I knew I was going to like it because of the author's down to earth straight ahead approach & non conformist attitude. It's the true story of a man's 3 seasons as a Park Ranger in southeastern Utah. Mainly, the Arches State Park near Moab. We were at the Arches back on November 6,7,8,9, & 10th of last year & our photos can be found on those dates in our web album....
The New York Times described Edward Abbey as a rebel & an eloquent loner. Yep, I'm a gonna like this book alright!!

Both Kelly & I have been feeling sluggish & under the weather the past few days so we're hoping that we haven't picked up a flu bug or something. Water sources are always a concern while on the road.

And now................ time to vent a little!!!!
In our RV travels over the past few years we have repeatedly come across a problem in North America that totally infuriates me every time I see it at almost every campsite we've ever been too, including this one........BROKEN GLASS!!!!!!!!! The sides of many highways are littered with miles & miles & miles of broken glass & most of it comes from beer & liquor bottles. Tells you something doesn't it!! Nobody ever cleans this mess up & each year the broken glass just keeps piling up. One thing is for sure, wherever there are young males, there will be broken glass. Even on our hikes out into the seemly pristine desert, we always come across broken beer bottles. Every campsite has shards of broken glass somewhere & it's usually in the fire pits. It's an easy equation....Young males + alcohol = broken glass. No rocket science here, just plain immature male stupidity. I speak with knowledge on this subject because I was once one of those immature stupid young males, so I know all to well what goes on in that world of booze.
Next year on our travels I will bring my garden & fan rakes plus a shovel & take it upon myself to clean up each & every campsite we come too. I will make it my project to become part of the clean up solution. And, what about all the glass & trash along the roadsides?? How about getting all those thousands of people charged with alcohol offences every day, out along the highways to pick up there own inconsiderate & immature mess!!!!!!!
There, now I feel better:))))))))))


  1. You did a great job on the flag pole! Those clamps are perfect.Drive safely.

    the hermit

  2. Well said, Al! I think that's a great idea for people charged with alcohol related offenses. We hate to even pull over on a road for fear of getting glass in the tires!