Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Max (our blonde border collie mix) had a good night & as long as he stays off his left ankle he's ok. I carried him out for a washroom break this morning & he was able to hobble around a bit but wanted back in & spent the rest of the day snoozing on the couch except for another washroom break late this afternoon. He isn't in any pain & is able to put a little bit of weight on it but we'll keep him inside & off that leg for as long as we can & give the sprain a chance to heal. He's being a very brave little soldier & hopefully he'll be out roaring around with the other 2 ram jams before too long. But, I think we are going to have to put the sticks away for quite awhile.

Another beautiful morning in the Arizona sunshine so after a short dog walk with Checkers & the Motormouse we went for a bouncing bicycle ride across the desert floor. What a great way to start the day.
Slipped over to Hickiwan Trails RV Park & helped Ray with some email & website questions around 11. He's doing fine. Still waiting for some parts for the big Wifi antennae but the small router antennae is doing ok at the moment & pushing the signal out a couple hundred yards from the office. When I pulled in to-day, 3 people were sitting in the breezeway at a picnic table with their laptops. (OUR PHOTO ALBUMS http://picasaweb.google.com/stargeezerguy)

Through the RV-Dreams.com (http://www.rv-dreams.com/) forum we met another blog couple awhile back with similar interests in RVing & Photography. We had blogged & emailed with then now & again over the past few months & last week they headed down this way from the Phoenix area. To-day we got to finally meet Sandra & Gordon who are now staying over at Hickiwan Trails for a few days. http://hickiwantrailsrvpark.com/ Really nice laid back full timing RV couple who have been on the road since back in the fall of 2001. Check out Gordon's website photography at http://gordonwolford.com/ Great stuff!! We had a big RV chin wag for a couple of hours & it's always interesting to learn new things & pick up new tips from fellow travelers. RV friendships quite often are of short duration & as Sandra & Gordon departed this afternoon we knew we would probably never see them again because RV people are generally always on the move criss crossing the country in pursuit of their interests, dreams, & nomadic way of life. We wish you well, fellow Nomads:))

The nights are getting warmer so I spent some time outside under the stars to-night with my trusty binoculars checking constellations, stars, & American jet fighter jocks chasing each other around in the star filled black sky. Counted as many as a dozen blinking light aircraft in all areas of the sky from horizon to horizon. Bright yellow & slow descending flares were coming down over the Barry M Goldwater military range again & it was nice to sit by the campfire quietly watching all the shenanigans. To add some authenticity to the silent jets in the night sky, the coyotes were sure howling up a storm nearby on the other side of the dry creek bed.

We might head over to the Ajo mountain range in the morning to do the Estes Trail hike. Need a break from the RV people noise that has encroached on us here the past couple of days!!!!!


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