Sunday, March 02, 2008



The day started out with lots of usual sunshine & fast rising temperatures. Weatherman had warned of high winds. I was up on the motorhome's roof when the wind came rolling in like a freight train. Just got the solar panels down & secured in time. The winds kept up all day intensifying in the later afternoon & bringing a big drop in temperature. Chance of snow the weatherman said. WHAT!!!! Took the satellite dish down before it blew down & we put the living room slide in as the rig rocked back & forth & the temps plummeted. Needless to say we spent the whole day inside reading.

We are leaving in the morning so went over to Becky & Norm's for a farewell pizza. Yesterday I had the A/C on in the car & to-day we had the heater going full tilt. While at Becky & Norm's the sky became very black with big roiling angry clouds. Grabbed my camera & slipped out the door. The pictures in the web album were taken at the River Bend Hot Springs right across the road from Becky & Norm's rig. OUR PHOTO ALBUMS Noticed an old car in the parking lot so included that in some of the photos. I had never seen the combination of colors in that kind of a stormy sky before. It was so cold I had to put my hands in my pockets to warm them up.

Cold day forecast for to-morrow & then it warms up again. We are going to head south to-wards Las Cruces & then east to Alamogordo & probably on to Roswell. I want to have a few words with those spaceship aliens over there on the true meaning of life!! It will depend on the weather just how far we go or where we stop. Don't know for sure when we will have an internet connection again but if we get off the road by mid afternoon I'll set up the dish to-morrow afternoon. The blog may get a little bit behind here & there on our long trek northeast but it won't take me long to catch it up, so hang in there friends & family.....................................

Just as a point of interest....since leaving home back in October we have had 6,635 people visit our site. Right now we are averaging 82 visits a day. Just wanted to say thanks to all the people for their nice comments & emails & for, "making my day:))"
Note to M&M&M........ when you reach a good internet connection & get your email program de-cluttered, let us know & I'll send you some pics.

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