Sunday, April 13, 2008


Well, I guess it's inevitable when your writing a blog & expressing opinions. Received the following "comment" in response to my little attempted humorous article entitled, "Alas, It's The Last Travel Blog," dated March 13/08.

"Why can't you Canadians stay on your side of the border and quit complaining about the USA in your blogs?"

I suppose the reader is right to a certain extent but just to be sure, I went back & re-read what I had written. I made 26 comments & here is what I'm assuming the reader is mad about. But first let me re-print what I said before making my comments at that time:

Below are a few thoughts, opinions, ideas, observations & basic musings I have concluded about our trip. Some are greatly exaggerated, some are slightly humorous, some are angry, some have no basis in fact whatsoever, some are biased, some are off the wall, some are pure speculation & some I have no idea where the thought process came from in the first place. However, they all have one thing in common. There is an element of truth in each one. Even the ones with no basis in fact whatsoever.

- Why does the American southwest have to have sooooo much wind!!
>>Just a curious question on my part. Probably has something to do with the mountains to the west & the flat plains to the east & the fact that most prevailing winds come from the west. Complaining?? I think not!!

- There are more McDonald's restaurants than there are grains of sand!!
>>Complaining?? No sireeee!! I happen to like McDonalds & we've got lots of em here too:))

- There are more shards of broken glass along the roadsides in the southwest than there are stars in the sky. This is particularly true in the Indian Reservations. Why is that!!
>>Unfortunately, this one is fact. And it's a sad fact too. I have respect for Indian people & their culture but I just don't understand why they have let their roadsides become such a mess. We have similar problems here in Canada as well. Is it a complaint?? Yes, but it applies here as well.

- Why can't convicted drunk drivers & alcohol related driving offences people be made to crawl on their hands & knees along the countless thousands of miles of roadway picking up all the broken glass & booze bottles they have obviously thrown out there!!!!
>>This applies to any country, anywhere, & not just in the USA.

-What are all those American military planes doing in the sky every night over southern Arizona. >>Pilot training is the obvious answer here. This was not a complaint, just an observation.

- What ever happened to simple gas pumps. Nowadays you need a degree in engineering just to figure out all the different types of pumps & how they operate. I hate those things!!
>>This one's about gas pumps. ALL GAS PUMPS EVERYWHERE!! Complaint, yes. Specifically about!! Gas pumps are gas pumps wherever they are.

- Why can't we just do away with the border between Canada & the U.S. & cut down on those long border waits & silly customs questions. And stop those stupid agriculture checks. The customs officials make enough money to buy their own food!!
>>Well, this one is self explanatory & works both ways. Canadian or American customs practices coming or going no matter which side of the border your on. Anti-American?? No, not at all.

- And if I fly my Canadian flag it doesn't mean I'm there to claim I have just defeated the United States of America in some big huge war or something. It's just a silly little flag to say, hey, we're from Canada guys. Your friendly & helpful neighbors to the north, remember. Geeeeezzzzzzzz!!
>>OK, I've seen the light on this one & I'll leave my Canadian flag at home next time. But, Anti-American?? Definitely not!!

- How come the United States hasn't smartened up to Tim Horton's coffee yet. That Charbucks stuff you got is awful.
>>Well, I could get me in big trouble over this one but I'll have to defend myself by saying it's a personal choice I guess. However, they don't call Starbuck's, Charbucks for nothing you know. Anti-American, Anti-caffeine, or anti-anything?? Nope, just happen to think Tim's brews a better coffee:))

- Why can't some places put butter on the toast.... I'm talking to you Cracker Barrel!! And while I'm at it, why can't you people include the price of coffee in the breakfast price. Coffee is separate??...what is that!!
>>I'm squawking about toast not being buttered here. Not exactly earth shattering & probably something I shouldn't have squawked about in the first place but somedays you just got to complain about something & for me that morning it was unbuttered toast. I don't know if we have Cracker Barrels here in Canada, but if we do.........I hope they butter the toast or I'm gonna be ticked!!

- How come so many towns have so many wrecked & tumble down buildings in them.
>>I think this is a legitimate question & I'm assuming the southwest has a different set of by-laws & building codes about derelict old buildings. I think most places to the east tear the buildings down for safety reasons. However, on the flip side of that question........Everytime you tear down an old building, your destroying a part of history forever. And afterall, isn't that what the American West is all about..........history of the old west. So, I'm on the fence here. But complaining........... no, just wondering.

- Why can't you Americans put some color in your money so us dumb ass Canadians can tell a one dollar bill from a hundred dollar bill.
>>Alright, you got me on this one............maybe we should stay on our side of the border before we all go broke!!

By the way, I didn't include the favorable comments about America I've made because for sure I'll have some Canadian with his nose out of joint emailing me to say, "well, if ya like it down there so much, why the hell don't ya just stay there!!

And, in closing I'd like to thank the person for their comment because you gave me something to think & write about on an otherwise boring Sunday night & if you have the time to read the blog about our recent trip to the southwest you will see that we love the USA:)) My positive comments about your country probably outweigh the negative comments by about 500 to 1. Have yourself a good day & welcome to our Canadian blog......on both sides of the border!!
P.S. My American wife is from Spencerport, New York. Toodles:))


  1. Some people just aren't happy unless they are 1) complaining ^/or 2) running someone else down.

    And NO, I'm not talking about you guys. LOL!

    Some folks just take life too seriously and blogs too literally. Life's too short...I plan to enjoy it and that means associating with positive folks like you two and avoiding toxic personalities. LOL!

    'Nuff said... ;-)

  2. PLEASE don't leave your flag home. We fly our US flag in Canada. We have a US/Canada flag we bought in a loonie store and we get lots of folks wanting one. We make sure the Canadian flag is in the highest port so it flies higher than ours. When we get back to the US we change it back to a lower port. That is showing respect to the country we are in. We have many Canadian friends and travel most summers in Alberta and BC.

    Steve and Nancy O'Bosky

  3. Steve & Nancy,

    You are showing respect and proper flag protocol, good for you!