Friday, May 23, 2008


No, that's not dirt on my hat, it's just good old wild west Arizona desert dust!!

From where I sit in my big cushy recliner in the living room watching television I can glance out the window to the right & see the motorhome sitting in the driveway staring back at me. Sometimes we just kind of blankly look at each other & sometimes we sorta kinda communicate. It's the same questions on both our minds. If & when we get rolling again, where are we going & how much is the gas going to cost to get there!! What if we get 3,000 miles from home & the gas prices double or triple in the 5 months we are away. Would it be cheaper to put the rig into storage in New Mexico for 7 months & bring the car home until returning back in the fall. If we could return at all. Some folks in the neighborhood have already sold their rigs & bought or rented mobiles in the south for the winter months. Some have downsized their units, some have given up & put the "for sale" sign in the windshield. Others have resigned themselves to spending the coming snowy cold winter at home in hopes things will turn around for the following year. And others have shortened their travel routes & restricted themselves to the Georgia/Florida corridor instead of the long haul to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, or California. I guess it all boils down to preferences, gas prices, & how much change you got in your pocket when October & November roll around. For now, all we can do is play it one day at a time...................
I've had some humorous comments from other RV folks about my mishap with the motorhome's bin door & the pine tree & that reminded me of some other really dumb things I've done. It takes me back to December of 06 & Jan of 07 when we had a truck & fifth wheel while touring around in the southwest. We were camped at Hickiwan Trails RV Park in Arizona (our first time there) for a few days. I kept a blog at that time as well & here is what I wrote, dated January 8 2007:

Boy oh boy oh boy, did I ever do something dumb last night. I had been re-organizing my wallet after cleaning sand out of it in the afternoon & laid it on a small wood table beside my lawn chair. Max, in his quest to get a game of sticks going, bumped the table & knocked my wallet over the edge into the doggy guys water dish. No problem I thought as I lifted it out, but noticed it was already pretty wet inside. In order to dry everything out I made the first part of a big mistake. I laid my wallet on the tonneau cover of the pick-up truck to dry. Laid out some credit cards, driver's license, CAA card, etc. The tonneau cover is black & felt warm from the sun so figured everything would dry quick. Well, you probably know what's coming. A couple of hours later just after supper I decided to head down the road to update the website at a remote wifi spot near another campground. Out I went, jumped in the truck, & took off out of the park & down the highway. When I reached the wi-fi site I stopped, got out of the truck, walked around to the passenger side to access the computer, glanced at the back of the truck & "OH OH!!" In a sickening flash I remembered my wallet & cards that I had laid out there earlier, and..........they were all gone. Jumped in the truck & raced back to the trailer, rushed in & told Professor Rockhound (Kelly was collecting a lot of rocks at that time) what had happened. I knew the only hope I had of ever finding anything lying on the ground was to get an expert ground scanning person involved. She quickly headed out the driveway to the highway in full scan mode. I took the truck & started driving the highway shoulder & immediately found my Scotia debit card lying right in the middle of the highway. Continued up the road aways & turned around. By the time I got back to the area where I found the debit card I saw the Professor busily scooping things off the highway & alongside the road. Oblivious to traffic, she was on the job!! By the time I got the truck stopped she had already retrieved my wallet which had been lying open upside down in the eastbound lane. I probably drove over it myself in my rush to get back to the trailer a few minutes before. She had also found what was left of my driver's license. It was the only thing damaged. I found one more card on the southbound shoulder & that completed everything. We were only moments away from complete nightfall but the eagle eyed Professor had saved the day. Nothing missing from inside the wallet either. Both American & Canadian money were intact. It sure would have put an unfavorable dent in our vacation plans if all had been lost. Thanks to our superb ground scanning Professor Rockhound, we were spared to travel another day. It was a close call & I had to promise that I would not be so dumb in the future. Well, that didn't work because here's what I did just a few days later.
Decided to clean up the cab of the truck so opened the passenger door to pull the floor mat out. I was wearing my black cowboy hat which I had just purchased near Carlsbad New Mexico a few weeks before. As I bent over I knocked my hat off so just reached down, picked it up & casually tossed it around the corner onto the tonneau cover behind the cab. Sound familiar!! Finished the clean up & went inside the trailer. Kelly said she was heading into Ajo for some groceries & would be back in an hour or so. I had some stuff to catch up on with the computer so said, "ok, see ya later." It was probably about 10 minutes later when the hair on my head almost stood straight up as I suddenly hat was on the back of the truck!!!! Oh noooooooo!!!! I rushed out of the trailer, down the road, around the corner & up to the highway vainly looking off in the direction Kelly had traveled with the truck. No black object on the road or shoulder resembling a cowboy hat. Walked a short distance along the road but knew it was futile. My hat was gone forever & that's all there was to it. I'm not a hat person & this cowboy hat was the only one I had ever stuck on my head that I thought didn't make me look like a total nerd. I was like a little boy who had just lost his most prized possession of ever. And I was sooooooooo mad at myself because of the wallet incident just a short time before. Why didn't I learn my lesson that time about setting things on the back of the truck. I beat myself up so bad for the next hour that I was barely human by the time Kelly got back. I was in the trailer slumped in a chair when I heard the truck pull in. How was I going to explain to her that she had probably married the dumbest creature on the planet. The thought did occur to me that she was most likely quite aware of that already:(( The screen door opened & Kelly came in with a couple bags of groceries and there perched atop her beautiful blonde head was............................ my cowboy hat:)))))) At that moment I was the happiest little cowboy kid west of the Pecos.

It was a movement in the rear view mirror that caused her to look as she was accelerating down the highway after leaving the park. That movement was my cowboy beginning it's take-off roll across the tonneau cover runway in preparation for lift off into the big blue Arizona sky. She quickly backed off the gas, slowly braked & pulled over to the side of the road & retrieved my precious hat. Now she was faced with a decision. She could turn around & bring the hat back before I probably even knew it was missing or she could keep on going & let me stew about my missing hat until she got back. She made the right decision. She cranked up the burner, continued on her way, & let me stew for an hour real darn good!! Do you think I learned my lesson?? Say, did I tell you about the time I.................................................:((
This was our truck & fifth wheel before we had the motorhome....................


  1. Al one great advantage to growing older is the ability to see the humour in our own errors, my only hope is you both have enjoyed the many blunders i've made!

    the hermit

  2. Great stories Al, learning experiences for everyone. You have a wonderful wife there. I'm glad you appreciate her!

  3. It takes a big man to admit his mistakes, so stand tall! With bloopers like these, you deserve it :-)

    I know what you mean about sometimes communicating directly with the rig. What I say to the bus isn't always printable, but the bond is there. After all, it is the fundamental basis of a great lifestyle.

    Thanks for stopping by Our Odyssey and leaving your blog's address. Perhaps we will meet on the road someday.

    Safe travels!