Sunday, June 29, 2008


Many times over the years I've heard lots of men make the statement, "when I want something done right I have to do it myself." For me it is the total opposite, so that's why I usually have to have somebody else do the carpentry, plumbing, car repairs, roofing projects, or whatever things those mighty manly types do. My motto is, "if I want something done right I had better get somebody else to do it." And so it goes with some minor motorhome renovations lately. Decided to add some shelving in the kitchen area & enlisted the help of a good woodworking friend. Bruce is one of those guys that kinda drives guys like me nuts. He simply takes his time & does things right. He has the patience to work away at a piece of wood, sanding & staining forever. Over & over & everytime you think he's done he's back going over it again with an even finer piece of sandpaper or something. In my world, sandpaper is something you read on the beach. Bruce has these tools that puts those fancy swirls & curls in the wood too. Beveling I think he called it. Beveling was something I thought you did with the motorhome to make it level on a rough surface. Oh well:((
But, sometimes ya just gotta do some of the stuff yourself. A couple of weeks ago we decided to haul the big old heavy & soon to be outdated television out of it's cabinet in the center of the windshield at the top. The fact that I even got it out without dropping the whole thing through the windshield is nothing short of amazing. I never did like that television up there anyway. Now we have a big clunky square cabinet with nothing in it & we don't intend on putting another television back up in there either, so, here's Al's plan. Oh no!! I am attempting (and attempting is the key word here) to put some shelves in there for the satellite TV receiver & CD player to sit on because I've never liked those narrow crammed little inaccessible cabinets up along the windshield where that stuff usually goes. We intend to get a 19 or 26" flat screen LCD-HD (whatever all that means) television that will easily sit right on top the dash. It will travel on the bed & when we stop somewhere we'll just bring it up, set it on the dash & plug in the wires. I figure we could even set the television outside if we wanted to simply by adding some extra lengths of cables. Sounds good in theory huh. Well, you know what usually happens to theories so I won't get my hopes up. In the meantime I've got myself quite a mosh of wires, hunks of old wood for shelves, screws, brackets, & whatever else I can find, all jammed up there in that old television space. Cables & wires everywhere & I haven't a clue as to what cable goes to what machine or why. I know the outcome probably isn't going to be nice but afterall, I'm doing it myself, right!!. I stand there & look over to the woodwork Bruce has done & then look back at what I'm about to do & it's almost enough to make a grown man cry. Maybe I could trade Bruce some of my hair for some of his smarts. Hmmmmm, I do not think he would see that as a good trade!!

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