Sunday, July 06, 2008


Awhile back I came across a website entitled, "An Extraordinary Moment." It may take a minute to load & about 5 or 6 minutes to play. It's well done & makes a lot of practical sense to me. How refreshing it is to see a truly realistic thought process & approach towards the beginning of mankind instead of the usual warring & fanatical religious beliefs. And, while I'm at it I would like to add some thought to another controversial argument. I have had an interest in Astronomy for quite awhile now & have found people often get Astronomy mixed up with Astrology. One deals with fact & the other deals with fiction. I came across the following explanation & comparisons a few years ago & thought it was explained very well.

"People sometimes confuse Astronomy with Astrology. Although related in ancient myth they are literally light years apart in the realm of fact & fantasy. Here is a brief explanation of the difference....

"Astronomy is a science that compels us to seek beyond ourselves and our small world, a science of discovery that enriches our lives by exercising our brain and our intellect. It empowers you to think clearly and rationally. It improves and sharpens critical thinking skills." It may even encourage you to free up your mind to think beyond conventional religious beliefs. (to think beyond religious beliefs is the key phrase here....AL.)

"Astrology disempowers you. By placing your future in the accidental configuration of planets and stars, you avoid taking responsibility for your actions, you fail to make decisions based on your own best self interest, and you give up the power to control your own destiny. Belief in astrology results in a degradation of critical thinking skills, which, combined with the loss of power to control your own destiny, can only serve to degrade your life, not enrich it."

"Be in charge of your life. Experience the mystery, awe, and excitement of observational astronomy."

(The photos are of fireworks that I took on the beach at Deerpark Lodge)

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  1. Like the pics Al, well done!

    the hermit