Thursday, August 21, 2008


It occurred to me awhile back that I had lots of photos regarding our travels in the American southwest posted, but I didn't have any pictures of our own picturesque little home town of Bayfield Ontario, Canada. Bayfield is beautifully located on the sandy, windswept shores of Canada's second largest body of fresh water, Lake Huron. I took my camera (Nikon D50 SLR) for a walk (& drive) on Wednesday August 20th & came home several hours later with a few pictures. The photos start in the harbor area & move up into the heart of town. Drove around some streets with my camera perched on my arm out the window & took pictures of some Bayfield homes. (kind of gives new meaning to the term, "drive by shooting") At the end of the day I moved back down to the harbor area & awaited the sunset out on the pier. A mighty fine way to spend a relaxing Bayfield day.
Another reason for posting these pictures on the web was to make Bayfield more pictorially available. Noticed there didn't seem to be a lot of Bayfield photos accessible on the net & the few websites about the town did not concentrate on the visual aspect............ No doubt about it, we live in one of Canada's prettiest towns.................... :))

Click here for the photos. Try out the Slideshow when you get there.


  1. Thank you for sharing the pics of your beautiful city.

  2. OK, is it always that beautiful there? Terrific photos!

    Before I pack my bags, take another series of pics in January. Then I'll decide!