Friday, August 29, 2008


Pictures show Bruce lining up the wooden mount. Finished picture shows television fully extended on the mount. It can tilt up or down & swivel from side to side & folds back to the wall for traveling. Click on the pics to make them bigger.

I am hoping to-day was the "LAST" television renovation & I won't have to update this blog again!!!! After mounting the 23" LCD flat screen twice on the end of the kitchen cabinet I still wasn't totally satisfied with the way everything ended up. Afterall, I did all that myself so what could I expect. In an earlier post I stated that if I wanted something done right I have to get someone else to do it. Well, this TV project was no exception & by the time I was done I had so many mounting holes in the end of the kitchen cabinet that it looked like a woodpeckers convention. Had to call in my old buddy Bruce again to save the day. Bruce is retired & has the patience, tools, know how, & interest for little projects like this & was glad to bale me out of the mess I had made......again!! In the process though I did have a bit of a light bulb moment. When you look at the pics it makes things a bit clearer. We had a big hole where the old analog TV came out above the dash so I figured why not take the cabinet door off up behind where the LCD TV is now & use it to fill that hole up front. Bruce framed in a little place for the door to fit & put the cabinet door there. It matches the cabinet doors on either side. I had sawed out a couple of panels at either end of that line of cabinets to access co-axe cables so Bruce simply made a couple of nice hinged doors & covered up the square holed mess I had made. And I still have access to those cables plus some extra storage too. He just has to put a floor in that center cabinet yet. Now, where the cabinet door came off by the end of the kitchen cabinet & behind the new TV, Bruce made a wooden piece that the television mount bracket is now bolted to. On either side of that wood mount he made 2 hinged doors so I can still access that cabinet plus that's where the 3 co-ax cables for the TV are. In the pics you will notice I haven't got the TV wires hooked up yet but maybe to-morrow.
This re-locating the television has been quite an ordeal but had I had the forethought to have Bruce do it in the first place I could have saved myself a lot of time & aggravation. However, I am a man so it is expected of me to be a master plumber, electrician, mechanic, welder, auto body tech, gas fitter, hydraulic specialist, carpenter, roofer, painter, machinist, heavy equipment operator, etc. etc. etc. plus jack of all trades that I haven't thought of. And master of them all too!! Not easy being a man you know, but I keep trying. Now, where is that light bulb installation I've been having trouble with.....................

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