Thursday, September 11, 2008


Almost the middle of September so I figure we've got about 5 maybe 6 weeks of good weather left if we're lucky. Figured it was time while the weather is good to start organizing the bins in the motorhome & getting things squared away for this winter's trip. I have all the bin doors numbered & keep an inventory of what is in where & in which bin. If I don't write it down, things sorta get lost forever. Not a foolproof system but it kinda works for me. Hooked the water up & no leaks anywhere. Amazing!! The photo is me listing some items I had just put in the bin.
Looking back, it was one year ago in September that I first started this blog, so it's a big thanks to all the people dropping in on us, that it's still going:))
Hey, just noticed...........thanks for the shoutbox messages Hermit & Tom. Always great to hear from people:))

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  1. Hey keep us posted on your travel plans, it would be great to meet up with you guys! We'll be somewhere in NM or TX by January.

    Good luck packing. Hurry, get out before you freeze!