Thursday, September 18, 2008


Like the words of that western song years ago, "sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. Last week we were ahead of the game happily loading the motorhome with summer clothes, hiking footwear, bicycle accessories, etc & this week after the big crash on Wall Street we are sitting here dejectedly having to re-consider our whole winter get-away. Last week was a winner & this week has been a loser:(( Like thousands & thousands of other people we are having to re-consider our future plans right now. Both short term & long term. A week ago we were on track & this week the economy has shaken our train right off the rails. If the investment funds continue their rapid decline we will probably be forced to sit in the house all winter long staring blankly out the window at mounds of snow, icy winds, numbing cold temperatures & gray skies. We could cut our gas expenses in half by going to Florida but the thoughts of being stuck in a crammed & crowded way overpriced RV park for 6 months is worse than staying here for the winter. And the thoughts of being gouged by the rest of the tourist market down there is not an option either. We are equipped for boondocking in the vast free & expansive areas of New Mexico, Arizona, & California so if we can't do that we might just end up staying in Canada this winter. What a horrible thought!!!! For people who have never been to the American southwest it may be difficult to understand my thinking & the difference between there & the American southeast. South is south, right?? Wrong!! But, for all the travelers out there in the southwest or heading for the southwest, you know exactly what I'm talking about here. But, enough already because it looks like I've got myself off on a real good rant this morning again & I suppose it's just the frustration coming out because of recent developments south of the border. And don't let me get started about the GREED that has caused this whole economic mess either!!!! That's another whole story so I had better get myself away from the keyboard while the gettins good!!

It's a beautiful sunny morning in southwest Ontario & the prettiest time of the year is only weeks away. Gonna go outside & work on my attitude & hey, maybe I can get myself straightened out enough to optimistically start loading a few more things in the motorhome again............... just in case. Do ya think:))

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