Monday, October 06, 2008


In the photo above you see the soles of 2 different pieces of footwear. The worn tread of my favorite Rockport's & the cool super tread design of my new Merrell hikers. I bought those Rockport's in the Ellenton Mall just north of Sarasota Florida back in the late 90's. Most comfortable shoes I have ever owned so have worn them absolutely everywhere for years. The shoes are still in good shape except for the worn tread. Well, it was in those Rockport's that I did all our hiking & rock scrambling last winter in the Southwest. Despite a bunch of slips & slides on the rocky mountain trails I was stubborn about not giving up my very much most favorite pair of shoes regardless of the obvious perils they presented. Have you ever had that happen to you? Get something you really like, such as a pair of jeans, type of shirt or jacket, maybe a favorite coat. Doesn't matter how cold it is out, you just gotta wear your favorite coat despite freezing your shorts off. Well, same thing with footwear. A good old pair of shoes or boots is like a couple of good old buddies you've had forever. Just not going to toss those old pals over for some fancy new upstarts. Nossireee!! Well, so it was with my old Rockports. Figured I'd get another 10 years out of them I guess. But, even old stubborn cursmudgeons like myself sometimes reach the point where ya just gotta give yer "smarts" a shake. It was only a question of time before I was going to take a big header down a rocky slope somewhere & end up with some busted stuff. Don't care much for that pain feeling so said to Kelly last week, "dya think maybe I should think about getting some better footwear before we head south this year." Well, she had me in the car so fast & on the way to Wuerth's shoe store in Goderich, that I'm still suffering whiplash 5 days later!! Now, that gal knows her footwear & within about 5 minutes Kelly & the clerk had a pair of Merrell Vibram Polartec mid-size lite hiking boots strapped to my feet & convinced me that with all the gription on these boots I could walk right straight up the wall, across the ceiling, & right down the other side......which of course I proceeded to do:)) Yep, that gal knows her footwear alright.
Ok, lets go find us a rocky mountain trail............Ya-hooey Louie!! Our handyman friend Bruce finished up the final stage of our television renovation project in the motorhome last week. Pictures show where the last section was fitted in place to cover the hole where the old heavy analog television used to be. Much better view out the front now with that big blonky television cabinet out of the way. Gives us some extra storage up there too.

We'll put a push on this week for getting the rig loaded despite our departure date being well over a month away. Want to get the bulk of everything loaded while the sunny days are still with us. By mid to late October things will begin to fall apart very quickly in the weather department as we move towards November. November can easily be the most miserable month of the entire year. Prolonged cold, gray, & rainy days. All of the vegetation is off the trees as their stark, bleak, branches twist in the frigid gusting winds of sullen & somber November skies. There is nothing nice about November.......NOTHING!!

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