Thursday, November 13, 2008


By the looks of the approaching weather fronts we are going to get out of here just in the nick of time. Colder temps, rain & snow heading into our area starting Sunday. A year ago to-day on November 13th we were at Bryce Canyon, Utah. Click on our photo album for that day & take a walk with us on one of the many beautiful trails. This place is a true fairyland of natural wonderment. When you open the photo album, try clicking on "Slideshow." A control menu should pop up at the bottom if you want to adjust the slide timing. Move your mouse pointer around down there if it doesn't. Yes, I know I've included waaaaaaay to many photos here, but.............the beauty is overpowering:)) Click on the link below.........

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  1. Thanks for the slide show, Al. We visited Bryce in April of 2007 but didn't hike all the way to the bottom. I appreciate your photos so much, they brought back memories and showed me some new vistas. Safe travels and look forward to following your new adventures. Camille