Thursday, November 27, 2008


A long time ago in a land far away when I was younger, the sound of rain on the old canvas tents always gave one a very cozy feeling. Last night, the rain on the RV roof just simply woke me up & gave me an annoyed feeling. Oh how things change as we age. A few wind gusts were thrown in for good measure just to keep me awake long enough to give up on going back to sleep. Fired up the computer, dashed off a few quick emails, surfed myself around the world a couple of times & went back to bed about an hour later. Awww, what a life, what a life:)) Those rains continued right up to the time we were ready for our morning walk. A few well placed sun splashes & we were out the door & on the move. It became immediately apparent that this is truly a beautiful State Park. It was hard to get the camera pried away from my face. What a great opportunity to get a few photos after an all night rain. With the 3 doggy guys we walked up around a column of rocks where another motorhome was parked & boy did we set off a huge ruckus. All of a sudden that motorhomes dash erupted in 5 fiercely barking dogs. That's right, 5 dogs all trying to pile through that windshield. And they weren't small dogs either. Wished I had cracked off a couple shots with the camera but I was too busy trying to keep our guys under control. Felt bad for the people who were obviously still sleeping so we quickly hustled ourselves down the road, round the corner & out of gunshot range. The rains began again just as we got back to our rig & so it was to be for the rest of the day. Heavy rains followed by short bursts of sunshine. Managed to take Max for a walk up into the big rocks between rain deluges & bang off a few more photos. Kelly caught up on her reading while Checkers & the little Motormouse caught up on more snoozes.I SEE AN INDIAN MAIDEN'S PROFILE IN THIS ROCK

About mid afternoon Kelly was setting the lawn chairs out to dry when a couple from British Columbia walking by, noticed our satellite system & stopped for a chat. They had not been able to access their Outlook Express since their ISP Provider had made some changes back home awhile ago. We had encountered a similar problem one time so Kelly had an idea what the problem was. Lynn & Addie walked back to their camper, picked up their laptop, & brought it back to our place. Wasn't long & Kelly had the problem solved, making for a couple of very happy campers:)) Always feels so great to be in a position to help people from time to time. Lynn & Addie are a couple our age with all the same interests in boondocking & hiking that we have & we've all been to some of the same places. Nice folks. Sun was going down quick in a mass of broken clouds so grabbed the cameras, raced up the hill & managed to grab a few parting shots of the day. What a totally beautiful park this is & what totally lucky people we are:)) OUR PHOTO ALBUMS

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  1. Spectacular photos in today's album. Thanks for sharing! We're in Florida for the winter but love the Southwest since we were there two years ago. Your blog brings back great memories and gives us more to look forward to in the future whenever we might be able to return.

    All the best, Camille Pronovost