Thursday, November 06, 2008


Weather has been unbelievably nice these past few days so figured it was a good time to work on getting the pine sap off the motorhome roof. It's one of the few disadvantages of living in a pine forest. Pine pollen in June, pine sap all summer long & pine needles in the fall. Pine sap is by far the worst. Our motorhome sits beneath pine trees & up till now there has been no way of getting away from the sap, but that will be remedied shortly after we leave for the south this year when the local tree cutter stops by!! In the meantime we've had enough sap drippings on top of the motorhome to start our own Pine-Sol factory. There are products on the market for dealing with this miserable stuff but I noticed that if you work on the sap in cooler temperatures it comes off much easier. Fortunately the roof of our rig is not a paint finish like a car so using a putty scraper on the rubber roof in cool temps basically lifts about 90% of the sap off on the first light scrape. Even so, you still end up with pine sap stuck to your shoes, your pants, your hands, or any other part of you that comes in contact with the icky sticky stuff. Just over a week before departure so we've been scurrying around like little pack rats loading the rig with last minute things for 5 months on the road. With each year the packing smarts get a little better but I'm sure we've probably already got some stuff on board we'll never use. Just seems to be the norm.Nasty weather coming in for the week-end so that will just heighten my impatience for getting this show on the road!!!!

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