Tuesday, December 16, 2008



The heavy cloud cover & periodic light rain showers made for a milder morning than is usually the case in the desert. No wind so it didn't feel too bad as we took the guys for a walk between drizzles. MAYBE A BLACKHAWK, BUT A READER THINKS IT COULD BE A HUEY 205 OR 212

Headed the 15 miles or so back down I-8 to Yuma looking for a large mall we had seen from the Interstate a couple days ago. The Yuma Palms is at the city's west end has just about every kind of store there. We popped into a Pet Smart, Verizon, Best Buy, Circuit City, & Cracker Barrel. I liked the Cracker Barrel one best:)) Slipped further into town & checked out a Radio Shack & an Alltel antennae store. Needed some groceries so headed into an IGA. Sure was glad to get out of that store though. Really LOUD Mexican music with accordions & stuff. Arrrrrggghhh!!!!! Fingernails on a chalkboard would have sounded better than that!! DON'T KNOW WHAT THESE CHOPPERS ARE

We were back to the rig by 1:30 & that was just about it for the day. Didn't do much of anything for the rest of the afternoon. The cloud cover hung in there with bits of rain now & again. We had a lot of helicopters coming & going from the Marine base in Yuma. Saw 4 different types of helicopters traveling in various groups. Cobra Attack choppers, Blackhawks, & Sea Knights I think. Don't know what the 4th kind was. Anyway, gave me something to do...........run outside when I heard the choppers coming, snap a few pics & run back inside again. Pretty exciting day huh............and maybe the shortest blog of ever for AL:)) A COBRA & A BLACKHAWK TRAVELING TO-GETHER

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  1. I think your Blackhawk is really a Huey, what us civilians would call a Bell 205 or maybe a 212

  2. Rain is better than the snow we have. What are you doing for Christmas?