Friday, December 12, 2008



Neither Kelly or I are very good at good-byes & this morning (Thursday) was no exception as we quietly slipped out of the Hickiwan Trails RV Park & headed west. Good-byes always seem so final or something. I have always tried to avoid that good-bye syndrome simply by kind of vanishing into the woodwork, disappearing around a corner, or just quietly slipping on down the road, so for the friends we left behind at Hickiwan Trails this morning, let me just say........see ya later guys, & thanks for your hospitality:)) IT'S AL UPLOADING THE BLOG THURSDAY MORNING AT HICKIWAN TRAILS

We spend a fair amount of time with our computer both at home & here, keeping in touch with fellow travelers & reading RV forums & blogs. Every once & awhile we are actually able to meet some of the people we have been in contact with over the past months or years. And so, as we rolled into Ajo Arizona this morning on our way to Gila Bend we were able to hook-up with & meet a fellow RV'er & blogger who goes by the name of Wanderwolf. Wanderwolf's name is Mike & Mike's rig is called, Wanderwolf. And Mike's tiny dog is called, Little Bit. Mike & Little Bit live in Wanderwolf. Mike is a superb artist working in oils & acrylics. His beautiful works hang in an Artist's Studio Gallery in downtown Ajo & he has just lucked into a great little studio deal of his own & is busy renovating & re-doing an older building on Racolla Street. Mike took some time out of his day to proudly show us his Wanderwolf rig which is also a complete work of art in itself. Nice fellow & I will put some more photos in the next photo album of Little Bit, Mike, & the Wanderwolf. Mike's website.... THIS IS THE WANDERWOLF

Some fellow RV'ers at Hickiwan Trails had told us of a place northwest of Gila Bend called, Painted Rock. No electricity or water so we knew that also meant, basically no people. Our kind of spot for sure & as we rolled west of Gila Bend & then 12 miles north up to Painted Rock, we weren't disappointed. Probably 30 or 40 sites here but only about 8 rigs scattered over a wide area. No problem for us to find a nice level spot with our nearest neighbor about a quarter mile away. It was about 2 in the afternoon & the temperature was sitting at 80F with a light breeze. Didn't take us long to get the lawn chairs out & for the first time since leaving home in Bayfield, we both felt at ease & comfortable with our surroundings. Didn't have to worry about the dogs bothering or upsetting people or people bothering or upsetting us. Not a human sound anywhere, just the breeze in the creosote shrubs. The dogs were free to run & play. And, so were last. MIKE IS HOLDING HIS DOG....LITTLE BIT

We had picked up a Verizon internet signal about 20 miles north of Ajo to-day & had the computer logged on almost all the way to our destination of Painted Rock. But, just about a mile short of the campsite we lost the signal. So near, yet so far. Had that signal hung on for us we would probably have stayed here for another 2 or 3 days but we'll be leaving to-morrow & heading for some more BLM lands just north of Yuma that we have heard about & hopefully we'll find us a Verizon signal there. When we leave in the morning & re-gain our Verizon internet signal we'll pull over somewhere & I'll update the blog with this post. I have another photo album ready to go as well but that will depend on how good a connection we can get before I try the photo upload. CATHOLIC CHURCH IN AJO, ARIZONA

Anyway, it was a good day, ending with a nice moonrise, a campfire, & a nice sunset........................ And the doggy guys loved it too:))


About 4 miles south of painted rock where we have regained our Verizon signal so have pulled over & are checking email, updating the blog & putting up another photo album. It's a cloudy cool morning. Will include this mornings petroglyph photos to to-day's album later to-day if we find a Verizon connection somewhere northeast of Yuma around Mitry Lake.


  1. Hey!...It was Great having you both stop by!, but ya didn't buy any art!...hee hee...(just kidding)...Wow, Al, that camera takes some good even got rid of all the dust and dirt inside as well as outside of ol' Wanderwolf!

    If ya manage to get back into the area, I'll be at the new location...and did ya notice...the "front yard" (at the studio) is big enough for yer size rig to park? Yer "welcome to boondock" a few of nights...and sit around the fireplace that I'm also installing down there.

    Ya'll come back!...anytime!

  2. Glad you guys got to meet Mike...he's a special friend of mine. I haven't bet Little Bit yet though...LOL!