Tuesday, December 30, 2008



To-day we had our best weather day since leaving Ontario back in mid November. The sun actually felt hot & a welcomed slight breeze made for a perfect day. At one point this afternoon we had to even close our side door because the sun shining in was just toooooo hot.

Fillmore was over early wanting the guys to come out & play so I had lots of help outside as I gathered up brush for a morning campfire. JoAnn & Doug walked over later & we sat around for quite awhile chit chatting & playing with the dogs. At one point I threw a tennis ball for Fillmore but it hit a log & bounced back into the hot embers of the firepit. Before any of us could react, Fillmore was into the pit after the ball with his right front paw landing right on the hot embers. Without a squeal he bounded out of the firepit & immediately began favoring his right paw. I quickly grabbed our dogs waterdish & I poured fresh water in it & Kelly got Fillmore to put his paw in the cold water. She kept Fillmore there for about 5 minutes & he was really good about it. Doug went back to their rig & got one of Fillmore's purple boots (yes, purple) & put it on the paw to keep the dirt out. Wasn't long & Fillmore was up & flying around again as if nothing had happened. I think we humanoids may have over reacted a bit to his firewalking episode. Fillmore sort of had a look on his face that said, "so, what's all the fuss about anyway!!"


Doug & JoAnn decided to pull up stakes & head over to Mitry Lake where they were expected at an Escapee's Rally to-day, so about 11:30 this morning we all said our good-byes & they headed on down the road. http://picasaweb.google.com/stargeezerguy/ I always feel very sad to see people go because many times in this kind of lifestyle.......you never see them again:(( But, I like these kind of brief encounters because it seems when people are to-gether for tooooooooo long they have a tendency to get on each other's nerves. This way, everyone has their best foot forward while friendships are solidly cemented in place, and with the internet, blogs, emails, & forums, the friendships continue as we all follow each other's adventures across the land & if by chance you meet these people again somewhere, it just always seems be a very special kind of kinship:))

It was obvious by early afternoon that Max, Checkers, & the Motormouse were all depressed & missing their old pal, Fillmore, so the decision was made by Mom & Dad to pack up camp & roll out in the morning. Probably heading up to Slab City for a couple days & maybe have Solar Mike do a routine check of our Solar system just to make sure things are operating correctly.


Usually every afternoon around 4 as the sun is getting low on the horizon we have to retreat inside because of the cold that descends across the desert, but to-day that was not the case. The breeze subsided & we were able to leave our side door open until well after dark. As the sun slipped over the horizon we were treated to a beautiful crescent moon flanked by 3 planets. Venus was shining brightly high in the western sky followed by the moon a little further down. Below the moon was the planet Jupiter & below Jupiter to the left & close to the horizon was the planet Mercury. For me, with an interest in Astronomy, it was a real treat to see. Looking forward to seeing them again to-morrow night.........wherever we are. Got us roaring campfire going & sat outside for a long time & after supper I went out & sat by the campfire for nearly an hour under a beautiful canopy of stars & constellations from horizon to horizon. Tipped back in my lounge chair & with my binoculars I wistfully traveled the star trails of the heavens remembering old friends & old memories of days gone by.................... A NICE WAY TO END THE DAY

OUR PHOTO ALBUMS http://picasaweb.google.com/stargeezerguy/


  1. Very glad to hear filmore was not seriously injured! Al good buddy, many has been the night while enjoying the kalidascope of lights danceing in the darkness memories have come and gone, only waiting to be repeated at another time and place. Snippets stored in all corners of the mind.

    the hermit

  2. Ahh! what a life, looks good from snow country.

    Take Care you two.