Friday, January 16, 2009


For the past 6 years we have lived in a pine forest back home in Bayfield Ontario & for somebody like myself with an interest in Astronomy, that doesn't make the night sky very accessible. Once again as I stepped out of the motorhome last night here in the desert I was greeted with an awesome canopy of stars from horizon to horizon. An unobstructed view across the great arc of the night sky. The diamond like stars were shimmering against the coal black heavens as the cooler desert air beckoned in the distant constellations & star formations. The Andromeda Galaxy, the Orion Nebulae, the Pleiades, the Hyades, the bright star Betelgeuse & constellation Pegasus, the flying horse, just to mention a few. So nice to sit quietly & enjoy the peacefulness, the stillness, & overall serenity of another tranquil desert night.

As mentioned in last night's blog we have used up all our Verizon gigabytes for the month so this morning we drove into Borrego heading for the free wifi access at the library. Stopped at Calicos for coffee & egg pockets & the boss actually let me have my very own egg pocket this time. Didn't have to share one this morning. Men are not good at sharing stuff, especially when it comes to food. Always figure that whatever is on my plate is mine....MINE!! Walked over to the library with the laptop & got set up. Kelly was on one of the library's computer & I set up the laptop at a station by the window. But, no matter what I did I couldn't connect. Kelly had been having trouble accessing her webmail for the past week or so & made some changes to our connection settings yesterday & that seemed to affect our computer. She worked on that computer for the best part of half an hour or more before she finally figured out the problem. If I had been there alone I would have given up after about 2 minutes, thrown the computer in the car, & drove out of the parking lot madder than a hatter heading for home & complaining to myself all the way about the miserable world of rotten computers!!!!

We are still doing our DVD movie every night & to-night's movie will be "August Rush." Last night was, "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore".....didn't care for it that much. Night before was a movie called, "The Hours." That was 2 days ago & I still don't have a clue what that movie was about!! Tuesday night we tried, "Kite Runner" but had trouble reading the subtitles so ditched it. Next, we tried a Will Smith movie about being the last man on earth......dumped it after about 15 minutes!! I thought "Atonement" was well done & had a quality about it. "Tsotsi" started out ok but by the end I didn't care for it. Kelly watched, "Breach" but I didn't. About 5 minutes into it I figured it was nothing more than one of those two bit boring run of the mill cheap cop shows that infest the television airwaves every night of the week. Don't get me started about the garbage on television these days!! Yes I know Rod, it's my post!! (thanks for the Shout)

Want to say thanks to everyone for all the nice emails we receive. The comments in the blog posts, the notes in our Guestbook, the comments in our Shoutbox, & the messages in our Facebook. The comments come from all across the country including some very nice emails from people back home in our own Bayfield area. As a result of our blog we have met some very nice people along the way & am sure we'll meet many more. I try to answer all questions people send in & enjoy the internet friendships that spring up. I worry that in the jumble of communications, sometimes I miss people or forget to return an email or a comment. Too many Senior moments, not enough Jube Jubes!!
And a word about to-night's DVD movie we just finished watching......"August Rush." This was one of those feeling good fairy tale ending type of movies. Inspirational & uplifting. It had to do with one of my most favorite If someone were to ask me someday what one single thing has brought me more pleasure, joy, & entertainment in life, my simple answer would be.................................Music:)) HARK......HORSE & RIDER APPROACHING

No photos for the web album to-night.


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