Sunday, January 18, 2009



Quietly watched the sunrise over the Kofa Mountains this morning. The jagged peaks of the Kofa range are like ancient castles perched high atop massive mounds of solid rock below. Names like Squaw Peak , Signal Peak, & Polaris mountain. I remember them from the past couple of years & they are beautifully stretched across the hazy southeastern horizon. To our west is the Dome Rock Mountains where the morning sun becomes the evening sun & blazes the sky with it's flaming silhouette sunsets on the mountain tops.SUNSET

Kelly was anxious to get into the moshpit early this morning to find a good parking spot. One of our RV friends got nailed with a $74 parking ticket in there the other day. Not nice, but it's Quartzite & it's the middle of January!! SNOOZING WITH DAD'S HAT ON

Had myself a great morning just puttering about. Built a firepit amongst other things. Weather is totally great with lots of sun & warm temps. Had to put the awning out for some shade because we don't have any trees nearby. Our site is OK for a few days but not as nice as a few of the sites we had last year. People kept crowding in we kept moving!! Last year at about this time we were here as well & it was a beehive of activity for us sometimes. Had our torn awning replaced, had a blue flame heater installed & if that wasn't enough, we hauled all our furniture out of the rig, loaded it in the car & drove it into Q & sold it to one of the vendors known as, The Gambler. Until we got over to the Ikea store in Tempe a week later, all's we had in here was 2 folding chairs & a small wooden table. Kelly jokingly told the people at the Gambler place that we had to sell the furniture for gas money to get back to Canada. And everybody believed her too. I just kinda pulled my hat way down over my face & tried to make myself about as small as I could.

In yesterday's post I had written a little piece on how to make campfire's more colorful by using some plastic & copper materials. Several guests quickly pointed out in our website Shout Box about the toxicity & bad elements this releases into the atmosphere. Thought about that for a few minutes & came to the conclusion that they were absolutely right. I went back & removed the campfire colors instructions. It's a good thing we have people on the ball out there:)) PUTTING UP THE SOLAR PANELS THIS MORNING

We've had inquiries about the earth oven we were parked beside over near Borrego Springs last week. The same people who built that oven are currently cooking in another one they built right here in Quartzite & if you go to Doug & JoAnn's site you can see some pictures of the gang using the oven..... Click on the pictures.

I can hear the far distant "thumps" of bombs being dropped in the Chocolate Mountain Bombing range many miles & two mountain ranges to the west. Three days ago when we were on our Elephant Tree hunt south of Ocotillo Wells in California we could hear the same thing. We were on the other side of the Chocolates then but we were easily 60 plus miles away. We are much more than that now but the "thumps" are unmistakable.

Wind came up in the afternoon so had to get the awning down. An exhausted Kelly finally made it back from the Q Crush around 3 with her booty of bargoons. Finally got some RV Quick Shades for our big front windshield. While parked, they block out the sun's hot rays plus we can see out but nobody can see in. We do have curtains that pull across the windshield but they are a real pain. Also got a small computer fan to help circulate the warmer air down around the floor area. A stone pizza baking plate, night light, hanging basket affair for fruit, new flagpole for the rig!! Kelly looked at poles to-day but couldn't decide on the right one, sooooooooooooooo, looks like I'm going to get dragged kicking & screaming into town first thing in the morning. But, maybe that's not so bad because if I play my cards right, maybe I can talk the Boss into a big mess of bacon & eggs in town somewhere..........Ya, that's what I'll do. Can hardly wait to get rolling.........................10-4!!



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  1. And people are worried what your putting in the fire..LOL..Just think off the harmful Tonage going off in the atmosphere with each bomb!! And what your really breathing in..even 100 miles away or more. Always amazes me what Americans do to their selves. Copper&green hose!!! Nice colors..;)