Thursday, January 01, 2009


The mornings just keep getting better & better. Can't even get myself cranked up enough to complain about the cold anymore. Now it's the heat......but I'm not complaining:)) So nice to step out of the rig in full view of the massive Santa Rosa Mountains to our northeast. The high peaks of the San Ysidro mountains to our west lead the way to San Diego & the Vallecito range to our south point the way to Mexico. Yes, it is a beautiful morning here in the Borrego Valley & we are two truly fortunate people. We have discovered many favorite places in our short travels these past few years & for me, Borrego Springs is one of them. It's a quaint & quiet laid back little town with no hustle or bustle. One main street, no traffic lights, & a lush green perfectly round island of grass & palm trees that leads you right into town. And they call that large round island, Christmas Circle. This morning after our desert doggy walk, we headed into town to have a look around the small farmer's type market they had set up there. Kelly immediately spotted a table full of doggy beds so that's where she headed to do some browsing. I spent my time snapping a few pics here & there... And yes, she did end up with a big bargoon on 2 beds. THE CHRISTMAS ISLAND
Headed up the street & popped into the Borrego Desert Nature Center store for some free literature on area events. Stopped at our favorite little coffee shop, the Fudge Factory, split a home made muffin & sat outside in the warming sun sipping our coffee & watching the tall palm trees flitting in the gentle breeze wafting it's way down from Coyote Canyon & the San Ysidro mountains. HANGIN AT THE FUDGE FACTORY
Our next stop was about half a mile or so north at the Anza Borrego State Park Visitor's Center. This facility is a delight to see & I believe it has won an award for it's unique design & desert gardens. I took a bunch of pictures here last year when it seemed to be a little greener. Those pics are in one of the links I plan on enclosing below..... The Borrego Springs Library has moved into new modern & spacious facilities since last year & we stopped to pick up some free DVD's while we're here. The only channel we can get on our television back at the rig is Mexican so it's no good to us. Picked up some grapefruits & oranges on our way back to the rig too. Acres & acres of lush orchards here with fruit stands by the road. Nobody there & it's an honor system. This town is truly a beautiful oasis set in the rugged desert & mountain country of the Anza Borrego State Park. THE LITTLE MOTORMOUSE TRYING OUT CHECKERS BIG NEW COMFY BED
I have decided to include the photo web album links (at the end of this blog) from our stay here last year because I don't want to repeat a lot of the same photos this year that I took last year & last year we had some very rainy & moody days that made for some great mountain pictures. If you have the time, check out the photo links & if your interested in the blog for those days just go to the right hand blog column & scroll down to our Blog Archives & click on December 07 & January of 08. Scroll to our Borrego Springs days between the dates of December 21rst to January 8th, 2008.

We were back at the rig by 2 & spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around soaking up the warmth of the sun & taking in the surrounding mountain vistas. As the sun set over the San Ysidro mountains we watched The Moon & Venus coming into view & as the few high scattered clouds disappeared, we saw the planets Jupiter & Mercury beside each other just before they slipped behind the mountain range. Colorful Christmas lights appeared on two rigs parked off to our west & I was able to get a few photos. Also a few pics of the Moon & Venus. A nice way to end the day & a nice way to end the year............................... So long, 2008:))



  1. Nice to see you found a warm spot as the icy blasts return here.

    the hermit

  2. Happy New Year Kelly & Al, sure looks happy from here.