Sunday, February 22, 2009



A lot of sounds in the morning sky as flocks of Sand Hill Cranes headed north for their feeding grounds. Or, were they departing the area for the last time. Some people have told us the Cranes begin their long journey north to their summer haunts around this time in February. Come to think of it, I don't remember hearing them come back to-day but they might have slipped past during one of my half dozen afternoon siestas. I'm sure they were being extra quiet so as not to wake me. Little do they know I was out in my pajamas & housecoat taking pictures of them flying across the sunrise hours earlier this morning. Worked away on my little garden project for awhile this morning while Kelly rode her bicycle all the way down the dirt road to the Whitewater Wildlife Refuge & back. She was a little miffed I hadn't told her I forgot to hook up the wheel brake when I put the front wheels on the bikes a few days ago. I tried to explain that years ago we never had front wheel brakes anyway. My explanation didn't fly!! HARK, IS THAT FLORENCE OF ARABIA OFF ON A MORNING RIDE

Kelly had brought some books back from the Elfrida Library yesterday. Started one of them Saturday morning & finished it this afternoon. "Dead In Their Tracks" tells the story of people crossing America's desert border lands. It's a true documentary by photo journalist John Annerino & tells about the tragic plight of thousands of people who have tried crossing vast stretches of desert from Mexico into America. He tells the story from both sides as he rides & fly's with Border Patrol agents who are not only trying to apprehend illegal aliens but also trying to save their lives. He also walks the blistering heat drenched deadly miles with the very people the Border Patrol's are trying to save. Graphic descriptions & graphic photos make this book not for the light hearted.LIKE A SQUADRON OF BOMBERS GOING OVER

Corky came to-day. Corky is a big black friendly dog who comes to the ranch on Sundays while his Mom & Dad go over to Sierra Vista for the day. Ingrid & Tom are a friendly older couple who live about 3 miles away & have been friends of Jeanie & Ray for years. Corky loves coming to the ranch & now that we are here with our 3 dogs it makes for quite a circus with a total of 6 dogs running around upside down for the whole day. They all get along & I love watching them interacting with each other. The more the merrier. Ingrid & Tom brought back supper from SV late this afternoon so we all ate in the ranchhouse. Tom is a WW2 veteran paratrooper who flew in gliders during the early days of the war & Ingrid hails from Germany. Hmmmm, I wonder how an American soldier & a girl from Germany ever managed to meet up back in those dark days years ago. SINGLE FILE PASSED THE CRESCENT MOON (try clicking on the pics to make them bigger)

We watched to-night's movie in the house because it had been pre-programmed. "No Country For Old Men" is a very graphically violent movie. Reminded me of Pulp Fiction years ago. Not my kind of movie but I must say that I found it well done. If your going to show violence then do it as realistically as possible because it is simply the way it is. The scenes in this movie were not over the top like most other movies that portray violence in their standard bang bang shoot-em-ups with exploding cars, hero's, super cops, & all that blah blah blah televisionisk boredom. No, the violence & characters in this movie are believable!! There were a few stretches of the imagination here & there but what the heck, I still thought it was a good movie despite myself. INGRID HANDING OUT SOME DOGGY TREATS....THAT'S CORKY WITH THE RED COLLAR

It's been a restful & quiet past 3 days so I'm hoping we can get out & about somewhere to-morrow. We'll discuss that in the morning. Maybe Cochise's Stronghold, maybe the Texas John Slaughter's Ranch, maybe Belle Star's animal sanctuary, maybe the ghost town of Pearce, maybe Fort Bowie, or maybe, just maybe............................................................TOM & INGRID HAVING A LIVELY DISCUSSION ABOUT WHO'S GOT THE FACTS RIGHT

No photos for the web album to-day.


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  1. Al, that book sounds really interesting, thanks for mentioning it. When I think of how strong, courageous and fortunate my grandparents were when they swam the river, I'm in awe.

    As for "No Country," well, I really didn't like that movie. It was way, way too dark for me. Disturbing, to say the least.