Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Another fine Arizona morning. Any morning is fine if the wind isn't trying to rip your skin off as soon as you step out of the door. Kelly forgot to turn off her Deerpark Lodge work phone off last night so at 4 a.m. I was jolted out of bed by a wrong number. Not nice!!!! Did a clean up around the corral this morning & spent some time schmoozing with the animals. Found out chickens don't like to schmooz. Noticed cars stopped out on the road again & 3 people were out with large spotting scopes looking across the field. Figured they were probably birdwatchers looking for the rare & elusive Abyssinia Asscratcher that was reportedly sighted in a grove of Pecan Pie trees back in the summer of 1836 by a wandering band of Chiricahua Apaches on their way to the Bisbee Breakfast Club in nearby Bisbee. Needed a few groceries so headed off to Douglas around noon. We had heard about the lobby & grand staircase in the Hotel Gadsden so decided to head there for a look see. Also heard there was a large glass light dome in the local police station which originally was the Douglas train station so we stopped there first for a picture. The Gadsden Hotel is by far the largest hotel in this sleepy little border town of Douglas. A big blocky looking building gives no clue to the grand lobby & staircase inside. It reminded me immediately of the swanky-do lobbies I have seen in many Las Vegas Hotels. Big & grandiose with a sweeping marble staircase leading to a wrap around mezzanine deck 20 feet above the spacious lobby below. Right away I thought, what a great place to drop water balloons on people below. It is reported that the notorious Pancho Villa road his horse through the Hotels main doors into the lobby & right up that marble staircase. Yes, there is a lot of history here.....and a lot of ghosts too. Check the website. Be sure to check our web album to-day for pictures. From the Gadsden we headed over to another great American icon.....Wal-Mart. Cruised around picking up some groceries & just doing some general browsing. I think we were probably the only 2 English speaking people in the whole store. This is a border town & I think most of the other side of the border makes Douglas their home. A bonafide white American person would have a pretty tough time finding any kind of employment here. We were back to the ranch by 3 & on the job by 4. Only 2 eggs to-day so it's going to be a pretty skinny omelet to share in the morning. We're going to have to figure out some kind of stimulus package for those chickens. Some kind of incentive program. Maybe more feed for more eggs. How about for every egg laid we offer a free chicken massage. Maybe the promise of an exotic cruise in the south China sea aboard the SS Henrietta would bring the girls around. Well, whatever!! Guess we can always buy some eggs if we have to but it just ain't the same as when you grows em yerself....................................

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  1. Maybe the dearth of eggs can be attributable to the rooster. You could give him a talkin' to.