Monday, February 16, 2009


Turned out to be another quiet day around the ranch. Just as well because the wind gusts were so bad to-day they blew all the feathers right off the chickens. Kelly had to quickly knit up some tiny sweaters for the girls. Right knee is still sore so tried to give it another day of rest. The key word there was....tried!! Had hoped to get out & do a little sightseeing to-day. Maybe to-morrow. Realized late this afternoon that I hadn't taken any photos to-day so grabbed the camera & took a quick picture of our happy face garbage can sitting beside me on the floor. A herd of Cranes went by so I hammered out a few fast photos of them as well. Thanks birds. Spent some time looking at my camera manuals to-day. I'm not very technically minded & my short term memory embarrasses me when people sometimes ask me about my cameras. I know two of them are Nikons & my smaller one is a Canon. Nikon D-40 & D-50. The Canon is an A720iS & I just had to go get the Canon to tell me that. A fellow asked awhile back what millimeter lens I was using. I couldn't remember so had to tip the camera back & look down the barrel. Megapixels is a common question. Nope, can't ever remember that one either. Maybe I should get all this info tattooed on the back of my hand. How about ISO settings?? What!! Image quality settings?? Who!! Do you prefer shutter priority over aperture in low light?? I prefer ice cream with my apple pie, thank you very much!! Do you bracket your photos?? No, I hang them up on a clothes line to dry!! Does your Canon have image stabilization. No, it has me....why would it need image stabilization!! Geeeezzzzz, questions, questions, questions!! I just point the camera in the general direction of something I see, press the button & hope I hit something. Sometimes I do & sometimes I don't. So, ask me something technical about my cameras & as often as not, I'm gonna end up feeling dumb because I probably don't have the answer for ya. Hope some of you animal folks out there caught the PBS special last night entitled, Why We Love Our Cats & Dogs. I'm sure it will be on again so keep an eye out for it or if you go to Rene & Jim's website there is a link to view it on-line.
Rene & Jim dropped into the Ranch a couple of days ago & spent the night before moving on to New Mexico & Texas. First time we had met them but had been in touch via emails for nearly a year. They lost their dog, Jerry, to cancer this year & I could sense the loss is still very much a part of them. I especially felt it watching Jim interact with our dogs here at the ranch. It was a sense of love.....and loss. Sometimes with our Bayfield Bunch name there is a little mis-conception. Bayfield isn't our last name, it's the picturesque little village we come from on the shores of Lake Huron in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. The Bayfield part is the town & the Bunch part is us. Kelly, myself & our 3 super precious dogs, Max, Checkers, & Cora. (Motormouse) I took some photos around our little village last August. You will see that Bayfield is a very unique place:)) No idea what we are up to to-morrow but I'm kind of hoping we'll be able to go somewhere we've never been & see something we've never seen. SURE WISHED I HAD ME A BETTER BIRD LENS.....OR A GOOD SET OF WINGS THAT I COULD FLY UP CLOSER TO THEM

Oh, & by the way, if you happen to see me out somewhere flopping around with my cameras, please don't ask me what kind of a camera I'm using because I'll probably have to stop & turn the camera around to read the name. Now, that is embarrassing!!!!!!!!

No photos for the web album to-day.



  1. Everyone knows the best pics are immortalized in silly putty!!!

    the hermit

  2. Thanks so much for the plug. Hope you guys enjoyed the show.

    Miss you guys, but we don't miss the wind! Hang onto your hats and keep those chickens warm so they can keep laying those yummy eggs.