Friday, February 20, 2009



Didn't end up taking any photos to-day so I'm going to go with the pics I took in Bisbee yesterday. While taking some of those photos a couple of ladies walking by stopped to say hello when they noticed our Ontario license plates on the car. I asked the lady where she was from & she said Mississauga. (near Toronto Ontario) I said we were from Bayfield. Her face lit up & she said, "we own a house in Bayfield on Ducharme Street." Had we talked further I'm sure we could have come up with some mutual friends back home, but as it was the ladies husbands were somewhere up ahead of them & they had to hurry to catch up. I figure the boys were probably in a gift shop browsing around for some nice things to buy their wives. D'ya think:)) Once again though, what a small world this is.

Our temperatures are slowly warming up so the water troughs in the corral had a thinner crust of ice on them this morning but we're still dressed in our winter gear until the sun starts warming things up around 10. The usual convoy of bird watchers slowly flocked by this morning, binoculars glued to their faces while hanging out the windows of their slow moving vehicles. Curly, the local game warden guy figures some of their spotting scopes cost more than his pick-up truck. I figure Curly's right. THIS IS A TOWN OF NEVER ENDING STAIRWAYS

Worked away on a little garden project here in front of the ranch house for most of the day. What I accomplished to-day would have taken me less than a couple of hours a few years ago but for some reason the shovels & rakes are getting old & just don't seem to move as fast as they once did. My shovel gets tired more often than it once did & my garden rake seems to take more breaks. Even the little wheelbarrow here on the farm seemed a tad pooped. Luckily Ray has an ATV with a trailer & I have been using that for getting around. That ATV must be a young whipper snapper because it always wants to get right up & go like nuts so I gotta keep a tight rein on it. Aw youth, you were such a fleeting young thing when I knew you well years ago.

I'm a little behind on my DVD movie reviews. Keep in mind, these are just the views from a cranky old cursmudgeon.
"Return To Me"....David Ducovny & Minnie Driver. Forget this one guys, it's a girl's movie!!
"Woman In The Water"....This one started out not too bad, got weird, & finished up with a tacky ending!!
"The Da Vinci Code".... Tom Hanks. We turfed this one after half an hour & that was too long. I'm sure this piece of Hollywood junk has to be a major embarrassment for director Ron Howard!!
"After The Sunset"...Pierce Brosnan, Woody Harrelson. We sent this one to the trash bin in less than 10 minutes!!
Like I said.......just my opinion. Not sure what we're up to for to-morrow but next week we hope to get over to Cochise's stronghold. Geronimo's place of surrender in Skeleton Canyon has been closed to the public so we won't be going there now. Still a few small ghost towns in the area to check out. And for sure we will be going back to Bisbee a few more times............... AL'S ABSTRACT PHOTO


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  1. I can see why the old timers in bisbee looked to be in good shape from your pics Al.It's intersting to finaly see some of the places i've only known from my reading of the history in that area.

    the hermit