Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Wished they could pass some kind of legislation to make Arizona turn off it's big wind machine at night. We have been punched & buffeted by heavy wind gusts for 4 nights in a row now making for some very poor sleeping on my part. Kelly could probably sleep through a double hurricane. People living in stick houses are probably not aware of the wind but for RV folks it can make for some real nail biting nights. Especially if you have awnings over your slides, satellite dishes set up outside, or solar panels up. Wind in the air conditioning vents can set up howls & vibrations. The wind catches every little square corner imaginable & sets up a racket which telescopes the sound inside. And then there's the rocking & swaying. And then there's Al's hollering & swearing at the wind!! NOT OFTEN JEANIE & RAY SEE THEIR HOUSE IN THIS KIND OF SETTING

We opened the door this morning & our world outside had turned white. Snow!! There was about an inch of snow covering the ground for as far as we could see. The mountains all around were hidden in a pall of gray clouds. Jeanie & Ray were already up walking around having a look at everything. It's extremely rare for this to happen in these here parts. We didn't tell them about our reputation for bringing snow to places we travel to. We all walked around to-gether & did the chickens, dogs, horses, & donkeys. Came back, grabbed my cameras & took some photos. EVEN THE BIRDS ARE A BIT CONFUSED BY ALL THE WHITE STUFF

The clouds began to lift around 9 revealing snow on the mountains. Patches of blue began appearing in the sky around 10 & by noon most of the snow was gone. But of course the wind wasn't gone!! Oh no, not the wind!! It just kept right on howling for the rest of the day driving down the wind chill factor from our 45F high. We basically stayed in & caught up on some computer stuff & I of course had about a half dozen siestas trying to catch up on my sleep. I did help Ray later move 16 bales of straw over to where 2 large above ground water tanks stood. We packed the bales around the tanks & pump because the weatherman says it's going to get so cold to-night that even the brass monkey isn't taking any chances. He flew out of Tucson late this afternoon heading for the warm beaches of Hawaii. EVEN THE BAYFIELD BUNCH IS A BIT CONFUSED BY ALL THE WHITE STUFF

To-night's DVD movie was, Little Miss Sunshine. No, it's not a Shirley Temple movie. Nice light hearted comedy & one of my favorite actors from years ago was in it......Alan Arkin. This movie even got a few chuckles out of me:)) SUNSET OVER THE MULE MOUNTAINS

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