Sunday, March 22, 2009



Despite my seemingly gruff outward appearance at times, I am a big softy at heart in many ways. I could feel the twinge of sadness begin as soon as I stepped out of the motorhome this morning. My two best ranch pals Gleason & Pearce came running over as they do every morning as soon as they see either Kelly or I. Tails wagging, jumping & playing. Gleason rolls over on her back for big tummy rub while Pearce snuggles up as close as he can get for big smooches on the nose. This goes on periodically all day long as we cross paths here & there on the ranch property. The sadness comes from knowing we will only be here one more day & I am going to miss my new best pals more than anything else. ANOTHER PEACEFUL MORNING WALK

It was a beautiful morning & we had our side door wide open from 6:30 on. Sunlight played across the distant Mule Mountains between cloud patterns & flocks of birds were in full spring song. I kept looking over at the mountains on our walk trying to imprint on my mind the beauty I was seeing. We don't have mountains on our morning walks where we live in Ontario so these memories are going to have to last me awhile until we return once more, one day, to our beloved American Southwest. DAPPLED MORNING SUNLIGHT ON THE MULE MOUNTAINS

Ingrid & Tom dropped Corky off (their big black Lab) about 9 so it was more snuggles & wagging tails. Sometimes I get down on the ground with the guys & it's dogs, dogs, everywhere flying around upside down. It's no wonder dogs are referred to as man's best friends. That sure has been the case in my life & I am very thankful for that. I'M GONNA GO OVER THERE & CATCH ME A CHICKEN!!

I saw Checkers whisper something in Corky's ear this afternoon & it wasn't long & the two of them had the chickens out to play. We hastily rounded up the ladies but not before our little Motormouse got in on the action taking a big run right into the midst of them. The birds just simply flapped themselves up & out of the way while the little Motormouse skidded headlong into the chicken wire fence shortening her nose up even more. She picked herself up, dusted herself off & beat a hasty retreat for the motorhome amidst a lot of feathered clucking sounds that sounded an awful lot like laughter to me. To save the chickens any further undo stress & exercise we put them in their main pen where the door has a latch & is Checkerproof. AND WE'RE GONNA MISS YOU GUYS TOO

Spent a lot of time reading this afternoon because I wanted to finish up my Walter Cronkite book before we leave. The book is entitled, A Reporters Life & was a bit heavy reading in spots for me but I did make it through cover to cover. He sure reveals the shady side of politics over the years & the game playing that goes on behind closed doors both in politics & the media. It doesn't leave you with a lot of trust in your fellow man. With all the ongoing Wall Street scandals it must be very difficult for a man of principle like Walter Cronkite, coming from a different era & morals to even begin to comprehend what has happened to the world he once knew & loved. MORNING CLEAN UP AROUND THE HAY BALES

Kelly is reading a book at the moment called, The Evolution Angel by Dr. Michael Abrams that sounds interesting. One line in the book goes something like, "we are not human beings going through life having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings going through life having a human experience." When I heard that, a dim light flickered on in my dense fog of understanding & I thought to myself, now there's something that finally makes a bit of sense to me. INGRID & TOM AT THE LONGHORN

When Ingrid & Tom returned from Sierra Vista this afternoon they invited us over to the Longhorn in Elfrida for supper. They are an interesting & kindly couple. Ingrid is a German lady who escaped the firebombing of Dresden during the second world war & fled Germany with members of her family narrowly avoiding capture by the Russians. She eventually made her way to America. Tom was in the Amercian Airborne 82nd Division during the war. Seems unlikely that a German girl & an American soldier would ever end up someday married for over 50 years but that's just what happened & it has been nice knowing them & hearing of their adventures over the years. Corky was in their truck waiting when we left so I blew him a smooch & waved good-bye. He was looking very sad............ & so was I:(( HE WAS LOOKING VERY SAD.....AND SO WAS I

It's windy to-night so that could mean a restless sleep for us. To-morrow will be final preparations for leaving Tuesday morning & I'll hitch the car up later to-morrow afternoon.
It will be a sad departure but I know once we make the turn onto Interstate 10 about an hour & some north of here my mind-set will change & the excitement of the open road will take over & my focus will be on the homeward journey. My mind will shift from looking back to looking ahead as we bring the bow into the wind with all sails set for home....................:))

No photos for the web album to-night.



  1. I'm sad, right along with ya. Good thing you added the bit about the poor little Motormouse or you would have had me in tears. I swear you are making me re-think desert - maybe I could handle it for a few weeks.


  2. Spring is coming to the crocuses just popped up and the robins are bouncing all over. There's even a hint of green in the grass! The day lilies, daffodils, and tulips are starting to show their green.I love the southwest, born and raised there, but I love spring, summer and fall here in the North!!
    Donna in Wisconsin

  3. " mind-set will change & the excitement of the open road will take over..."

    Well said! I know the feeling exactly. The blues sit on my shoulder every time we leave Paws & Hooves, or say our goodbyes to long-time friends and family after a month-long stay in Sacramento - but a few miles under the wheels brings back the wonderful anticipation of travel.

    In this case, I'll feel blue when you leave, too - your write so well, I feel like we are there in some of our favorite haunts. I'm looking forward to reading about your upcoming travels, though.

    Safe travels,

  4. I gotta say, dogs make the world a better place to live in!!