Sunday, March 15, 2009



The pain in my leg had me out of bed at 4:30 a.m. but by 9 it was all over. That little pinched nerve guy finally packed his bag & got out of my body. Noticed I wasn't getting the shooting pain in the leg & back when I walked. A little soreness & some numbing but that was all. Figured it would be best to remain in an upright position & keep the leg moving for the rest of the morning so went down & cleaned out the corral, did a bunch of watering around the ranch house, & did a little work on my garden project. The day went well & except for one time climbing off the ATV I was basically pain free finally. If to-night & to-morrow go well I will consider the problem over. And how did the problem occur?? My theory is that it happened while lifting a hay bale into a cart last week. I had been putting bales into the cart & pivoting to the right while doing so & I think that may have caused it. Just a theory. Kelly thinks it happened when I put too much peanut butter on a slice of bread & hurt myself when I had to use both hands to lift it up to my mouth. MAX SMELLS SOMETHING YUMMY COOKING

One Sunday morning about a month ago an infomercial appeared on television. I am usually quick to change the channel on those things right away but for some reason this one caught my attention & I actually sat there & watched. The product being demonstrated made logical sense to me so I watched the same commercial at the same time the following week just to be sure. Told Kelly this was the greatest invention since sliced bread so she trusted my word & ordered it on line. Well, we picked up our little gem this week at the McNeal Post Office & when I unpackaged it I could see that it was well made & not some cheapo little pile of junk. Looked to be of good quality & to-night we tried it out for the first time. A whopping yummy personal pizza success!! Pizza's are only one of many things you can make. Only took the cooker 7 minutes to cook it & Al 7 seconds to eat it. I think it will be something we will use a lot. It's called, "Xpress Redi Set Go" & it's a compact fast little cooker. No, we're not selling them or in ca-hoots with the company. I'm just passing this along because I think (so far) this is a good product. The compact size is good for RV'ers. I'll put the website link in plus a few pics I took at suppertime to-night. And, not to worry, if the cooker turns out to be bogus, I will tell you that too. Now, a word of caution because after all it was an infomercial & those types of ads have a way of extracting a few extra dollars out of your pocket. The ad said something about free recipes but when Kelly checked the billing after ordering there was an extra charge of nearly $9.95 for the recipe club or something. After a number of phone calls we found out that we had automatically joined a recipe club & new recipes were now going to be coming to our house at $9.95 a pop every month for the rest of our lives or longer. Kelly got right after them & they finally canceled that little extra ditty. We feel the product is fine but be careful of the small print or the boxes you put check marks in & be careful about how "free recipes" is presented. However, if you are a recipe collector this just might be your cup of tea so just dis-regard my little flap. OUR FIRST RESULTS

The picture at the top of the blog to-day is an example of teamwork & progressive thought patterns. We were ensconced in our lawn chairs enjoying the day when I glanced over to Ingrid & Tom's white pick-up truck. (I blogged about Ingrid & Tom & their big dog Corky a few weeks ago) It was parked beside a white flag pole complete with flapping American flag. I said to Kelly, "wished I knew how to use our photoshop program because I would take a picture of the truck beside the pole & then digitally remove the bottom half of the pole to make it look like the truck was actually flying a large flag from it's roof." Thought it was a pretty good idea but I was about to be upstaged. Kelly calmly said, " why not just turn the truck around." (Geeeeezzzz, how come women are always so smart) But then I came back with, "why don't I just walk around & take the picture from the other side of the truck." Well, that's what I did but I got to thinking later what a good example of teamwork that was & how within about 6 seconds we had taken an unsolvable problem to a finished solution. Aw yes, teamwork:)) KELLY MADE THE PIZZA & THE COOKER COOKED IT TO PERFECTION IN 7 MINUTES

We put a fresh pot of travel plans on the back burner this morning & it looks like we'll be heading back to Canada around the 22nd, 23rd or 24th of this month. Talked to Jeannie this morning & they are up in Dead Horse State Park near Cottonwood Az. Said they have been fishing in the stocked pond there but have been drowning more worms than catching fish. Gee, have they never heard of Captain Hi-liner's fish sticks!! Worms lives could have been spared:)) Jeannie & Ray will be heading back to the ranch sometime next week. Good thing we have saved the feeding instructions for all the animals. They're gonna need them.


Watched the first part of a two part DVD to-day called, No Direction Home. It's about the life & times of singer/songwriter Bob Dylan. Let me tell you first that I was never a fan of Bob Dylan's early music. Just didn't care for his voice or style. But even more than that, I was jealous of him. In 1964 I was going with an exciting, good looking foxy blonde from Stratford Ontario. Only problem was......she was a big Bob Dylan fan. Ate, slept, & breathed Bob Dylan. Thought he was number 1 & the greatest thing of ever. Thought I was supposed to be number 1 in her life!! Well, needless to say me & Bob just never got off on the right foot somehow & after a year the good looker was gone her own way anyway. Probably a Bob Dylan roadie by now. It wasn't until Dylan did Nashville Skyline with Johnny Cash that I forgave him & took a liking to his music. But, back to the DVD. Thought director Martin Scorsese did a better job on this one than the other music bio he did about The Band called, The Last Waltz . Last Waltz was good but this one is better. Much more professionally done. I'm looking forward to seeing the second half. I keep looking in the audience of his concerts to see if there's a good looking foxy blonde (slightly aged) from Stratford jumping up & down in the front row....................

No photos for the web album to-night.



  1. Hey glad you're feeling better!

    But I gotta disagree with you: the Last Waltz is one of the greatest rock movies of all time! And Bob Dylan, one of the greatest musicians/poets. K, I said my peace.

    You guys can't go back so soon, we were just getting used to having you here in the States! Stay longer, pleeeeeese!

  2. That pizza looks REAL good! I wonder how much electricity the cooker uses, and if it will trip my circuit breaker.


  3. Al old buddy, gotta watch out for those peanutbutter and belly sandwhiches.

    the hermit