Friday, March 20, 2009



It was actually a relief to see clouds this morning because it meant we were going to have a cooler day. Even with A/C going the last few days you just couldn't escape the heat build up in our rig. Windows & blinds closed to keep out old Sol's hot rays but it still gets mighty warm inside. To-day all the windows, vents, & side door are open letting welcomed cooling breezes flow through. Weatherman has issued a wind advisory for Sunday so looks like we're in for another big blow. We Canadians are known for always talking & complaining about the weather so just wanted to clear that up too. IT'S AL ON EARLY MORNING POOPER SCOOPER PATROL

About a week ago I added a widget to the bottom of the blog called, Linkwithin. It's those 3 little pictures of past blogs that may relate somehow to the present day blog above. Might be a little confusing to folks if they click on one from a couple years ago because we were traveling with a tan GMC truck & a white Rockwood 5th wheel at that time. And before that you might see us in small Class C Ford Gulfstream. Noticed that some of the blogs don't have dates on them but if we're in the truck & fifth wheel it will be the 07/08 winter season & if it's the Class C, that is a trip to Big Bend in Texas back in December of 2004. THE LITTLE ALPINE VILLAGE OF BISBEE IS THERE IN THE MULE MOUNTAINS

And a few words for several of our neighbors back home who are going through some very difficult medical problems right now. We are thinking of you & hoping your situations will improve. We'll see you out in the flower gardens soon. TWI-LIGHT AT THE RANCH

These are a quiet final few days here at the ranch before heading home. Kind of like the lull before the impending travel storm. We will take our usual route of about 2,400 miles of Interstates & highways. We have found a route that works well for us & have over the past few years become familiar with the rest stops, traffic hot spots, mountain passes, boondocking spots, & State Parks. Oh yes, & a few Cracker Barrels along the way too. SUNDOWN

No idea how long it will take us because it all depends on the weather at this time of year. Last year we had to hold up in Arkansas for a couple of gloomy wet & rainy days beside a lake waiting for a bad snowstorm west of Memphis to blow itself out. March is a volatile weather month across the country so we really have to pay attention to weather forecasts all the way. Two years ago we got into a bad Michigan storm with our truck & fifth wheel. That was not nice. Ice formed on the fifth wheel adding a lot of weight which in turn set up a bucking motion between the truck & trailer. I could not even hold a cup of coffee without the coffee jumping out the top. Some Interstates are made of cement slabs with a bump at the seams & that just made the bucking worse. By the time we got home the whole back of the truck, hitch, & trailer were coated in ice & I had to go to the local hardware store for a propane torch to thaw out the hitch before I could get the trailer off the truck. That was enough of that & we traded that truck & fifth wheel 3 months later for a motorhome & have never looked back. We love our motorhome.....10-4!! It's now after 8 o'clock at night, the side door & windows are wide open & it's a calm night. Kelly's in the ranch house with Motormouse watching her TV shows, Checkers is laying outside the door on a mat, & Max is already stretched out on my bed. The ranch dogs Gleason & Pearce are out there somewhere in the darkness patrolling the grounds along with Charlie the friendly cat. The chickens are roosting for the night the donkeys & horses are safe in the back 40. And I know the Goldfish in all the drinking troughs are having themselves a quiet night as well. My soothing ambient music is quietly playing away on the satellite radio here in the rig while I'm contentedly working away on the computer putting another daily blog to-gether. Now how much nicer could life be than that eh. My thanks goes out to the people who actually read the blog & give me reason & purpose each day to clear the mind's cobwebs & look for new photos & blog topics. Thanks guys, much appreciated..................................................:)) AND ANOTHER FINE DAY DRAWS TO A CLOSE AT THE RANCH

No photos for the web album to-day.



  1. I like the blog, I like the photos, I like the widgets. Look forward to reading your blog each day or so. Keep them coming. Looks like life is good...

    Randy and Pam

  2. Hey, why not skip that trip back to Cn and allow us to enjoy your blog and travels! I'm going to miss my daily "fix" reading about you guys. My wife and I begin FTing in May so I won't be board. Look forward to reading about your next years trip. Be safe on your trip home.

  3. I appreciate all the time & effort you put into these blog posts. I've especially enjoyed the recent ones from Bisbee. Spent just one day there six years ago and it was memorable!

  4. I know what you mean about the "bucking"...I have a 40 foot 5th wheel that i forget that it is behind me(moryde suspension)..But i towed a friends Titanium and holy cow..i felt that sucker! Throwing me around in my cab..couldn't wait to get that thing OFF my truck!! Have a safe and relaxed ride home. Bow wow.

  5. Wow, what beautiful sunset pictures today.

    Sounds like you're gonna miss being there. Safe travels.