Tuesday, March 03, 2009



Weatherman said it's going to be another cooker to-day so figured we'd just hang around the ranch & try to stay cool. Kelly headed off for a Yoga class in Elfrida this morning & I continued puttering with my little garden project. Have also been busy watering trees the the past couple of days as well. They have quite an extensive irrigation system here on the ranch with lots of taps & hoses.

Jeannie phoned this morning saying another RV couple was coming down to look at the ranch sitting job plus another one in the area for this coming November in case we can't make it back here in the fall. With the economic downturn & a very unpredictible summer coming up for everyone it is a good idea for them to have some back up people in place because they are planning a 3 week cruise in November. Under normal circumstances we could have been back here for sure but with all the doom & gloom predicted in the coming months it's anybody's guess where we all be. A LAST MINUTE PICTURE

So, to-day we met fellow RV'ers & bloggers, JC & Bev. They are Escapee members & are presently camped up in Benson at the Escapee Park. They rolled in around 1:30 on a nice looking 2008 Honda Goldwing motorcycle complete with trailer. When they are traveling in their 40' Country Coach Class A Motorhome the trailer actually fits inside their towed Ford Hybrid car & the motorcycle has it's own lift & carrier right on the back of the motorhome. These folks are fulltimers & have traveled extensively including Europe. Really nice people & it was a pleasure to meet them. And of course it never ceases to amaze me once again how we already know & have met some of the people they know of. You can check out their travel website here... http://mytripjournal.com/webber I have also added them to our, "Blogs We Follow."

And now a "shout out" to any fellow RV'ers who might be interested in a ranch sitting job next November. A few days ago I did a blog on the Paws & Hooves Ranch up in Sunizona. Well those two ladies are friends with Jeannie & Ray who we are presently ranch sitting for. All 4 of them are planning a cruise for next November so Rosanne & her Mother are going to need someone very reliable to look after their critters for 3 weeks. Jeannie phoned us yesterday morning & suggested we post it in our blog because it's really RV people who are probably best suited & outfitted to do the job. Email The Bayfield Bunch at mousebanana@msn.com & we will forward your emails to Rosanne at Paws & Hooves. Rosanne & her Mother can have a look at the emails then directly email back anyone they are interested in. To have a look & find out more about the Paws & Hooves ranch just check back in our blog here a few days ago to Saturday Feb. 28/09.

Last night's DVD was called "De Lovely" staring Kevin Klein & Ashley Judd. It is a musical about the life & times of songwriter & composer, Cole Porter. Wasn't sure if I was going to like it at first but once the movie got going I enjoyed it to the end. Another movie we watched the other night was called, "The Diving Bell & The Butterfly." This is a well done movie & true story of a man in France who suffers a massive stroke & is left totally paralyzed except for his left eye. Through the help of 2 special needs nurses he learns to communicate by blinking his eye yes or no to their unique communication process. I don't care for captioned movies as a rule but this movie just draws you in right from the opening scene & we watched it right to the end.OK, HERE WE GO........HOLD ONTO YOUR HAT!!And it was one year ago to-day that we left Truth or Consequences New Mexico for our long 8 day journey home to Bayfield Ontario, Canada.

Well, it was a good thing JC & Bev showed up to-day or I wouldn't have had a single photo for the blog to-night. After all, how many chicken pictures can I put in before our readership drops below zero................:((

No photos for the web album to-night.

OUR PHOTO ALBUMS http://picasaweb.google.com/stargeezerguy/


  1. I'm interested in your comment about 8 days back to Bayfield, Ontario. How many miles is it, and where do you stop along the way? Do you stay in campgrounds/rv parks, or boondock?


  2. Thoroughly enjoying your posts and pictures.

    Randy and Pam