Monday, April 13, 2009



Thanks to all the folks for their input on our website photo re-sizing.

This morning I reached a compromise regarding the website photo fitting the laptop & the desktop & it all has to do with the number that is inputted in Picasa's Export menu. The size number that worked for Rex was 945. The number I'm using right now for the current picture is 910. When I first started out a couple days ago working on this little project I was using the laptop & found that by increasing that 945 number I was able to stretch the photo perfectly across within the yellow border parameter lines. Think I was using 1045 or 1200. However, when I checked the desktop the photo had bled off the right side of the screen. This morning I worked those numbers again & got the photo to fit perfectly on the desktop with 910. But, this meant the laptop picture no longer fit the border format perfectly & was smaller with wider gray borders at either end. Figured that was OK & looked better than having it bleed off the screen on the desktop. Therefore a compromise was reached. Also should mention both laptop & desktop screens should be maximized for best results. Now, here's a tip if you decide to work on your blog header picture. I crop a lot of my photos which in turn alters the size of the picture & that's why I had to work with the numbers to make the photo fit. I will probably have to do this most times I change pics. And, I will do it on the desktop next time which will ensure the better fit on the laptop right off the bat. I'm happy we were able to figure this out because the next step would have been a trip to the drugstore for a tube of Preparation X. Would have had to put the oversized photo on the monitor & then smear Preparation X all over the screen to shrink the photo down. Messy, messy, messy!! I would not recommend this procedure if you have small children, pets, or pesky in-laws at home..........:))

The photos I have been using lately for the website header are from City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico just southeast of Silver City. If you are in the area be sure to stop there & have yourself a look around. It's truly a city of rocks & is aptly named. Great place for kids with lots of fun rock scrambling. And it's Senior friendly too. It rained one of the days we were there & that added up to a great photo opportunity with stormy skies & wet rocks holding small desert rain puddles. Great place, don't miss it:)) The following links are to our web album & the photos of our 3 day stay at City of Rocks State Park New Mexico in November of 2008.........................


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