Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Tuesday was one of those cold, damp, gray, & windy days so it was a good one for doing inside things. Hardly set foot out the door all day. Over the past few years of traveling I have taken a few sunrise & sunset photos along the way & I figured Tuesday was a good time to gather them all to-gether & work on putting the pictures into a separate photo gallery on my Smug Mug site. I have entitled the album, "A Few Sunrises & Sunsets I Have Known." The "Slideshow" button is on the upper right & when it opens you should see a film strip across the top which will go away, but before it does, look to the far left & choose a slideshow speed. I recommend "fast" or else you could be stuck in front of your monitor for awhile:)) Click the link below....................................

We finally had ourselves a decent weather day with actual sunshine & warmer temperatures to-day. The outside water valve below our unit finally thawed out enough to turn on for another season. We have peeper frogs in our small pond out front & they sure love to get their little peepers going at night. A true sign of spring. And Robins are building nests in our carport. Lots of crocus flowers out. Ducks & Geese on the big pond across the road & Turkey Vultures are back circling on the winds overhead above the swaying pine trees. Truly the second nicest time of the year. Autumn is my favorite:))

Had an opportunity to do a little photo work for an engineering company nearby this morning. I had stopped at the work site to take some photos of the fellows digging a large hole when a man approached me & identified himself as the head engineer on the project. They had just uncovered a pipe & the engineer had forgot to bring his camera which was a 2 hour drive back to his office. It was important for them to have photos taken of that pipe before they covered it up again. I happily obliged & did a series of photos as the engineer placed markers & an identifying clipboard near the pipe. The emailed photos are already on his desk. It's always a nice feeling to be in the right place at the right time when called upon to be of assistance. I like when that happens:))

Might even be a nice enough day to clean up the motorcycle to-morrow..........:)) OUR PHOTO ALBUMS

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  1. That is a great slide show, Al. Is it permissible to send the URL to some of my friends? I am sure they would like to see it.