Sunday, April 26, 2009



To-day's blog pics are from one of the most fascinatingly colorful stores I have ever been in. The Pink Store is located just a block from the Mexican border in Palomas Mexico which in turn is 3 miles south of Columbus, New Mexico. Pics taken in December of 2006....................................

The coming home blues is something fulltimers do not have to worry about anymore & people who never travel probably have no idea what I'm talking about. But I know there are snowbirders out there who feel as I do after returning home in the spring from an extended stay in the south. Maybe not the majority of snowbirds but to you birders with a sense of adventure, a love of nature, & a sense of freedom, you might identify with me here. GREAT FOOD AT THE PINK STORE AS WELL

This is our third springtime home & I have found it the hardest adjustment so far. I thought last year was difficult but it didn't have anything on this year. The past winter in the American southwest was our best ever and it made coming home that much harder. RVing, like most everything else just gets better the more you do it & with the superb weather this past season I just wish we could have stayed on the road. Besides all the standard RVing benefits like hiking, rock scrambling, numerous day trips, ever changing beautiful scenery, starry night campfires, morning desert walks, & a quiet relaxing lifestyle, I am fortunate to have an interest in blogging & photography which kind of ties everything to-gether for me at the end of each great RV day. This past winter I was able to put a blog together for every one of the 133 days we were on the road. The simple reason I was able to do that was our ever changing environment. It was the excitement of seeing & doing new things & the anticipation of new adventures ahead & wonderful memories behind. For fulltimers their adventures & memories are ongoing but for the snowbirder, the memories may remain but the adventures ahead are put on seasonal hold for another 6 months when they return home. The adventure comes to a grinding halt every spring!!!! I have had to reach deep into my little bag of tricks this month & dig out my attitude adjustment tool & do some very necessary tweaking these past few days. No point in walking around all gloomy & stuff. We are here for the summer & I had just better get on with making the best of it until we get the big wheels rolling again in the fall. Now, where's my calender...........................:))