Friday, April 03, 2009


Haven't even been home a week & already I feel the travel urges stirring. My ancestors must have been Nomads or something. Same thing happens to me when we're traveling. About 2 weeks in one spot & I'm itching to move on & see something new. Had I never traveled at all or been a part of the RV lifestyle I might be more content doing this domestic suburban house thing. But, having lived on the road on & off over the past 5 years the RV bug has got a hold of me real darn good!!

We have had many conversations about fulltiming the last couple of years & you fulltimers out there know exactly how the talks go because you all have had them with each other. In all our travels we never met one full timing couple who had any regrets about their decision. But, it's a big decision. In fact, it's a whopper!!

We thought we had the makings of some future RV plans last fall but then, like a ka-zillion other folks, the economic melt down suddenly changed direction for a lot of us so it's kind of been like getting back to the drawing board all over again. We'll see how this summer shakes out.....................................


  1. Like the new look of the blog--we are in NV heading to the frozen north of Montana--I had to give up my flipflops today for socks, made me grumpy!

  2. Love your new "look" for your Blog!!