Saturday, May 16, 2009



I noticed a few days ago in Gypsy's blog that she mentioned not caring for the idea of having to tow a car. I remember feeling exactly the same way back in the fall of 2006. Not sure why but the thought of towing a tiny little thing behind such a large thing just didn't seem right or appeal to me. Probably because the mind is used to seeing the reverse with smaller trucks towing bigger trailers. Just seemed the right way to do things & that was probably one of the reasons we decided to go with a truck & fifth wheel back in 06. We had already had a truck & travel trailer combination a couple years before that. Now, with a few years of experience & a bunch of miles behind us my thinking has definitely changed & I think big towing small is an easier way to go!! We never know the car is behind us & I like the fact that the car tracks inside the turning radius of the motorhome so it doesn't cut corners like trailers do. I can unhook the car in less than a minute & hook it up in less than 2. It's not strenuous & I don't have to get down on the ground at any point. No lurching or bounding with the car on behind & no more clunking & squeaking metal sounds like we had with the trailers. And all's I had to do was get my head switched around from thinking smaller tows bigger to bigger tows smaller. Just seemed like the right thing to do:)) NOW, HOW AM I GOING TO GET THIS ROPE AROUND THAT STEERING WHEEL OVER THERE (Nov. 08 file photo)

We had a wet, dull, & gray Saturday to-day so it was perfect for attending to some long overdue computer issues. I've had a lot of photos scattered over 3 hard drives (desk top, lap top, & external hard drive) since returning from the southwest last March so I concentrated on pulling all that to-gether into a re-organized workable mode. It's always a bit of a nail biter when it comes to moving files around because a momentary lack of concentration can mean lost files forever!! WORKING ON THE PHOTO FILES THIS MORNING

We learned after moving here to Bayfield never to go into town on week-ends. And especially long week-ends. Bayfield is like a sea side resort & a Mecca for folks escaping the chaos of suburban & city life. The quaint little shops & outdoor cafes here are filled with happy people enjoying fresh air ambience & small village flavor. We make sure any grocery shopping or whatever we need is done well before the end of the week because once Friday rolls around little Bayfield becomes a real hub of activity. Many sailboats fill the harbor as people come ashore for shopping & fine dining. No buses here, no subways, not even a traffic light. Just one wide main street & a beautiful view of Lake Huron from atop the cliff in Pioneer Park a few minutes walk from downtown. No, I don't work for the tourist bureau or belong to the Chamber of Commerce, I just happen to think Bayfield is one of the prettiest little towns in all of southwestern Ontario:))


And you know what.....sometimes the more further ahead I go..... the more behinder I get:))

And the towing photo a spoof:))

And, I did get a start on a new photo album. Most of the pics so far are the one's I have used in the blogs for the past couple of months. Album is not finished & I'll add more pictures over the next few weeks.

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  1. I know what you mean about the towing. I was spooked about towing something behind a big motorhome--I mean does it REALLY need to be any longer. LOL! Now we are thinking of adding some type of a 'run-a-round' vehicle with the fifth wheel and of course that means going to a heavy duty truck to pull it all--but that's another story....