Thursday, June 04, 2009


I noticed last night when I was looking at our Feedjit Live Traffic Feed (bottom right of our blog) that someone in California had clicked on a photo I took a couple of years ago while hiking in Palm Canyon near Borrego Springs CA. Kelly & I were moving along a trail with our guide friend Butch when we heard some rocks tumble down up on a steep mountainside off to our right. Butch spotted mountain goats right away but I didn't see them at first. I zoomed in with my Nikon telephoto lens & snapped a picture of the area where Butch was pointing. When we got back to the rig later I downloaded my pictures & was able to enlarge the one above. It wasn't until then that I saw all the goats. So far I have counted 15 goats in this photo. There may be more in the picture that I haven't seen. (just had a problem with this picture enlarging big enough!!) I spent the morning in a frustrating attempt to clean up & organize one of our two garden sheds. We have accumulated soooooooo much STUFF over the years that it is just plain ridiculous. We not only have a ton of STUFF in our garden sheds but we've got STUFF in the house, under the house, in the carport storage area, up in the rafters, in a cartop carrier & just about every other place you can think of. I know we are not alone in this problem but that didn't help my attitude as I picked away at this & tried sorting that this morning. Nobody to blame but ourselves for dragging things home from thrift stores, garage sales, & discount stores over the years. Just too many bargains that couldn't be missed....ya right!! Add STUFF to that from my late Mother's house & my Uncles house when he moved into an assisted living facility. We have a brand new set of ladies downhill skis & boots that have never seen snow for example. Been hanging on to that STUFF for about 12 years now in case we take up skiing again. No, that isn't going to happen!! I've got about 40 open end wrenches of all sizes & shapes. Haven't had to use a wrench for anything in years but the brain says better keep them cause you just might need them.....I got one word for you brain......baloney!! Furnace filters for a furnace we don't even have. And light bulbs!! Got more light bulbs here than the whole city of Las Vegas has. And how about those old paint cans that have been sitting here for years freezing up & drying out every winter. A man just never knows when he might need a dab of paint you know.........baloney!! And would you believe we have STUFF that we don't even know we have. I know that when STUFF is moved......there is gonna be more STUFF behind it!! And more STUFF behind that!!!! And how did all these priceless little treasures we dragged home over the years slowly turn into STUFF. Well, the little treasures didn't change but we sure did. I think RVing has brought our heads around over the last couple of years & shown us the folly of our ways. When we are on the road traveling we get along just fine with whatever we have. With the limited space of an RV we have to tune ourselves into a different mindset. Less is better & we travel very light & lean. Many times while on the road we have remarked how silly it seems to have all that STUFF at home that we very rarely ever use. We always vow to take care of that problem as soon as we get home.....ya right!! Now, in defense of ourselves let me say this because there has been some definite progress on our part this past year. We are no longer dragging junk home. I have stopped reading the Canadian Tire Flyers searching for bargoons on things we may or may not need. Kelly isn't frequenting the scratch & dent stores anymore & she has curtailed her thrift store purchases to just about zero. I'm not in the garden centers anymore loading up on flowers, shrubs, & plants either. Basically we have that part of our new "light & lean" plan under control. We have stopped the flow of STUFF coming in. It is now up to us to implement step 2 which is getting all this existing STUFF going out. Say, anybody need a dozen screw drivers.............



  1. I have one word for you "Craigslist". May as well make some money on your 'stuff'.

  2. I just had a very poor experience with Craigslist. This is the second time that what I had to sell - didn't.

    I then listed the same things on Freecycle and had more than a dozen people contact me within 1 1/2 hours. IF they all show up I will have made no money, I will have made some people happy and I will be rid of the 'stuff"