Saturday, June 06, 2009


Kelly made it home late this morning from her Mom & Dad's place in Spencerport New York OK. Her Dad's health is deteriorating rapidly & she said her departure this morning was very, very, sad. Said the only question asked at the border was whether she had any earth or plant material. She was also the only vehicle there so it pays to start your days early if you have any border crossing to do. I always hate those border crossings because I feel guilty. Nothing to feel guilty about but I just feel that way anyway. I'm aware that I always roll up to the gate with a big stupid look on my face like the cat that just swallowed a canary bird. When the border guard asks me where I'm from I'm always worried I'll blurt out Afghanistan or Iraq or something. Nerves can do that to people you know. I also have a bad habit of blurting out the truth at wrong moments too. When they ask how much money I have with me I'm libel to tell him I've got 36 cents in my left pants pocket & 2 Canadian Tire coupons in the glove compartment. Nerves can do that to people you know!! My planned photo excursion to the Grand Bend beach this afternoon didn't come off. I had taken a lady to Grand Bend in the mobility van to attend a wedding ceremony but when I headed down to have a look at the new beach complex there was just too much traffic & congestion & it looked like they are charging to park on the beach now too. I should have remembered what the Bend is like on a week-end in the summer. I sure enjoyed watching some great TV shows this past week while Kelly was away because in our house I am not the remote control boss. In fact I'm not even the television boss. I asked Kelly once if I could be television boss for a week & she said absolutely not!! She guards that TV remote with the tenacity of a bulldog. And she operates it like a super hyper computer tech kid on stellar steroids. She flies through those programming channels & menu buttons with the speed of light. Info screens flash before my eyes in staccato bursts leaving my glasses melted to the frames. I don't know how she can do all that stuff so fast & still understand what it is that she is doing so fast. On rare occasions where I have the TV remote in my hands it's all I can do just to switch from one channel to the next without having to worry about how I got there. How come women are always so darn smart anyway............... All of to-day's blog photos are on the 25 mile Ajo Mountain loop drive in the Organ Pipe National Monument south of Why, Arizona near the Mexican border. We have done this drive & hiked in these mountains 3 separate times so far & I'm looking forward to the day when we'll be back there for hike number 4:))

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