Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Turned out to be a dull gray day with sporadic rain showers for most of the morning. Just as well because it turned out to be a busy day on the computer with emails coming in & emails going out. One email from El Centro in California came from a school district requesting permission to use some of my photos from the Tumco Mining site & the Salton Sea area this past winter on their about to be redesigned website. I happily agreed & will receive a photo credit. A nature magazine in England last winter published one of my desert photos in conjunction with an artist's rendering of a salamander as well so it's a nice feeling to know people are enjoying the photos. Just goes to show you never know who's looking at your stuff:))

Both Kelly & I generally wear hats in the southwest quite a bit & it dawned on us last winter that we should be wearing hats that told where we are from. After all, I wear my Arizona hat up here quite a bit so it's only fair we wear Bayfield hats down there. Problem was in finding Bayfield hats/caps we like. There were a few in some shops in Bayfield but nothing we really fancied. Last week Kelly came across a place in Goderich that not only sell the kind of hats we wanted but they also put on the hat whatever you want. So, this afternoon we headed for
Goderich on some errands & thought we'd stop by the place to have a look.

N'SEW ON (and so on) is located at 53 South Street & we were surprised to be greeted by such a friendly personable fellow by the name of Kevin Soehner. (friendly retail people are as scarce as hens teeth these days) He dropped everything he was doing, showed us some hats, & explained how the high quality custom embroidery process worked. Within the space of 35 minutes he had done up two new hats for us plus embroidered BayfieldBunch.com on the back of my photo vest to boot. It's all done by some manual labor on Kevin's part, a lot of instant mathematical computing by a computer & some very accurate laser-light precision sewing by a fast stitching machine. The 5 minute process for each hat took 2,880 stitches to make up the words, Bayfield Ont. Canada. The photo vest lettering took 6,400 stitches & was done in a short 12 minutes. In Kevin's advertising it says they're fast turnaround time & friendly service make them an ideal place to do business with. Well, we can sure attest to the friendly service & fast turnaround time alright. Not often you find a fellow as pleasantly humorous as Kevin Soehner anymore. And the best part was yet to come. I was busy taking pictures while Kelly paid for everything & when we got back to the car I cautiously asked how much it all came too & was floored by the answer. I sure didn't expect to pay 1950's prices in 2009. What a pleasant shock it was to FINALLY have something done that wasn't an out & out money grab. Thank-you Kevin for giving us a little hope for the human race's moral & ethical business practices again. Kevin doesn't have a website (he's waaaaaaay too busy) but can be reached by email at nsewon@gmail.com
I will include a few pics in the blog to-night & put the rest of the photos in June's web album shortly.

Also had an email from http://www.fulltime-rving.com/ with an invitation to join the site & submit an RVing story which I did. So all & all it was a very busy day despite all the gloomy weather outside. And Kelly forced me to pose for these pictures!!
PHOTO ALBUMS http://picasaweb.google.com/stargeezerguy/


  1. That's neat! You have a very individual hat and jacket set.

    Years ago we had patches designed and embroidered with a drawing of our home in the mountains of Montana. It was situated on 20 acres of pine forest, surrounded almost entirely by National Forest land. The house was built with a cedar exterior and pine interior, so we called it our House of Wood.

    As the song says, "But that was long ago!" Thanks for sharing a fun part of your life.

  2. Machine embroidery adds flair and a special touch to lots of different things from clothing to household items.